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Translation .. The CSGO gambling market has cratered.

[–] Godgiven 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

FUCKING GIVE ME HALF LIFE 3 FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If they're smart they will never release it. At this point the expectations for HL3 are so high that there is no way for valve to satisfy the fans enough to avoid a backlash of biblical proportions.

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You do know that Gaben can't count to 3, don't you?

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Yea, I think we will just see Souce 3 and a new Counter-Strike. Gabe fucking fatass doesn't give a fuck about games, he probably doesn't even play them anymore. He just eats and gets money.

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Pretty much all of the original big Valve writers have left at this point. Don't expect any kind of satisfying conclusion to the half life series if you expect it at all.

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Yup. At this point any "sequel/continuation" to their old IP's would be written by different people with different mindsets, different ideas, and a different audience. I've never played the Left for dead series, so no comment there, Portal concluded nicely with the second game, no particular need to make another direct sequel, but Half life... FUCK. That game was left on a major cliffhanger, and was setup to include elements from the Portal series.

And at this point, I can't really say I even care anymore. It's like making someone wait several hours after being seated for their meal; It doesn't matter how good the meal is, I've long since left the table for a bite to eat elsewhere, and am no longer hungry for your offerings.

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I've come to terms with the fact that Half-Life 3 would never happen. I'd be happy with just a game that isn't focused on multiplayer, or a fucking card game.

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I'd be happy with just a game that isn't focused on multiplayer, or a fucking card game.


No fucking grind unlocks that can be bypassed with cash, No online unless it's a separate component, no in game cash shop for "micro" transactions, no fucking leaderboards, no fucking social networking element, no preferred fucking pronouns, no jap-style numbers game where personal skill takes a backseat to "this part plus this part equals win", no "Prototype pre-alpha alpha beta early access test balance pass" for full retail price, no constantly changing the game I already paid for with "updates" that kill have the game's selling points, no bloody 1701 A, B, C, OR D.

Just make fucking video games.

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Didn't the HL3 plot get leaked?

[–] Nalbarcam 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

One of the old writers left valve and wrote "fanfic" on it, suggestions are that the fanfic was as close to consensus for the ending of the series when discussions were still internal

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Didn't the engine to hl2 get leaked years before the actual game was released?

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HL3 has been hyped for so fucking long, the chances of it not being a post y2k star wars is slim.

[–] ethtirlomalral 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

post y2k star wars film

Just say prequels, what’s the matter with you?

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If they make I'm pirating it. Fuck em.

[–] Humansized 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

Valve acting like game development and customer service are exclusive goals. Greedy cunts and they always will be. Fuck that fat sack of shit gabe and his micro transactions in all big games on valve and his no 3rds rule for IPs.

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I have close to 50 games on steam, and don't recall micro-transactions in any of them?

[–] Majorfatboy 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

Humansized is talking about Valve developed games specifically I think, but the micro transaction crap is everywhere now.

I probably have over a hundred games on steam, and plenty more outside of that service, the micro transaction menace is real. Fallout fucking 4 has a cash shop for mods now. Fucking. Mods. Elite dangerous has a cash shop for cosmetic items. They literally charge you cash money for changing the color of your pew pew lasers. Want to put some real clothes on your pilot avatar so they don't look like an emaciated twelve year old in a gimp suit? Cash money. The borderlands games have tons of cash shop unlocks. Star fucking Citizen and their thousand dollar jpegs.

And that's mostly PC / console games, we haven't even scratched the surface of what's going on in the mobile market. There's games aimed at kids on mobile that have purchases in the hundreds for item unlocks.

[–] Humansized 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Top 3 games on steam are pubg, dota 2, and cs:go. All of which have microtransactions

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Valve has done nothing but earn goodwill by embracing linux.

This good must spread. We must free the common man from the yoke of microsoft.

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Have been free of the microsoft yoke since 1984. And I haven't had to tinker endlessly to make my computer work.

[–] AmaleksHairyAss 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

use Linux

not have to tinker endlessly

I'm calling bullshit

[–] Majorfatboy 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

And I haven't had to tinker endlessly to make my computer work. Bullshit.

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shitty generic heartstone/MTG card game ripoff

SJW inspired walking simulator


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FYI Artifact's design lead is Richard Garfield who is the creator MtG. Garfield had an idea for a card game with three battlefields and approached Valve since the idea matched well with Dota 2.

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So he'll be well familiar with the established business strategy of ostracizing existing players to cater to new people who won't buy the product but will endlessly bitch about it on social media then.

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Lol, buying studios so they make the games for you isn't actually making games. They may publish, they might be quality games, but it won't be the same. However, more games being made is a good thing.

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You know VALVe hasn't developed a game in over a decade so wth?

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Good luck. They're going to have to now that TenCent owns damn near everything. Everyone was at one point worried that steam would be a monopoly, but if they saw Tencent's holdings they'd change their minds. If tencent decides to launch a PC gaming platform to rival Steam Valve would be screwed.I'll just post the wiki article so you can see SOME of what they own.


[–] dhif 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Majority ownership for Path of Exile and League of Legends only.

40% ownership of Epic Games

Plus a bunch of mobile junk.

So, not especially a threat at the moment.

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I havent seen a game for a long time that I wanted to buy

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