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I am mostly happy that Valve is contributing their modifications to Wine. I prefer my games to be DRM free, so I don't buy them from Steam, but if I can buy and download them elsewhere, and still run them in Linux, that would be awesome.

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You can build Proton from source without using steam.

On ArchLinux or Manjaro, you can also get it from the AUR which automates the whole process.

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Don't forget Battle of Westnoth!

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Give Lutris a shot.

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I was thinking about how Valve has somehow avoided a lot of the controversy that surrounds other tech companies and gaming companies (like EA, Riot, Bluehole, etc). It hit me in the shower today: Valve are cool because they don't take sides. They don't take sides in politics, they don't take sides in OS wars, they don't even know about numbers between 2 and 4.

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They did ban hentai but realized their mistake and backpedaled.

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Do you have someone down voting all your posts, or does someone just down vote facts? I'd like to know why this comment got down voted.

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now if gog could do this that would be great.

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Have a winewrapper for every game so it works on linux? Yeah, that'd be neat. Also maybe a Galaxy client for linux that wraps it all up in a nice shiny package.

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I think you could use Lutris to play the games. It doesn't seem to care where the game is from. It also has installers that automate a bunch of the setup for games.

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I've done that but it doesn't exactly run right each time just to install a game.

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What distro are you using?

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I am not on Steam but I do like Linux and won't use anything "Windows" past Win7 ever, this is really good news - I hope other companies do the same. Glad to hear you can play your games in Linux!

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It's pretty neat seeing all the people that hate microsoft and can finally leave their abusive relationships.

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I managed to get Skyrim running on a 2015 Chromebook Pixel LS (on Ubuntu in Crouton) and it's almost playable. After I mod the shit out of it, I fully expect it to be a decent experience. I'm gonna redo the whole Crouton installation on external media because I can literally only fit one game at a time, but I'm definitely excited.

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Why not just install straight linux on your chromebook? It's a lot less of a headache than crouton.

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Can someone redpill me on why I should be running my games on linux?

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Well first off, Microsoft is an evil company and Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 are basically spyware. Then there's the inherent benefits of Linux that anyone with the aptitude to operate it would recognize. And of course, if building a gaming PC, Windows is an added expense.

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