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Aren't they owned by Chinese firm Tencent? That'll stop pretty soon after the profit margin is impacted.

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Not really. Open society foundation and other globalist non-profit orgs are prepared to subsidize the losses for the sake of white genocide.

But it doesn't matter in the long run because China will eventually make their own version free of SJW leftism eg. Arena of Valor. Eventually the most profitable gaming industry will be physically located in Asia, free of SJW bullshit, and protected by the politically incorrect conservative government and locals. SJWs could disband ultranationalists groups in US, but they won't ever be able to touch ultranationalist in foreign soil (eg. Nippon Kaigi).

Honestly the only reason for this cuck SJW move is to pander to libtard westerners. As the third world generates more money for the gaming industry (purchasing power from conservative "developing" countries increase) there is less need to please libtard consumers in western nations because the conservative consumers will contribute to sales. What this means is that culturally it would adapt to be suitable for these politically incorrect nations, which is fortunately, is about 100+ countries. Sure, right now these poor fucks can't afford $60 games, but as the countries develop, the situation will change.

Western left is completely out of touch with the rest of the world. They hated plain-speaking politically incorrect politicians like Trump and Putin, but they have no idea that the average Africans, Asians, Latin Americans, Eastern Europeans, love that kind of politically incorrect people who say what needs to be said in plain language.

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Sure, right now these poor fucks can't afford $60 games, but as the countries develop, the situation will change.

They'll probably start having a large impact well before they can shell out that kind of money: even if they're relatively poor, an extra continent's worth of microtransactions is nothing to sneeze at.

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It's true... Putin and Trump are admired in a lot of the world. In China Putin (when younger) was a sex symbol.

Was just chatting with a Chinese coworker who said that effective countries need strong leaders who are unrestrained by too many laws. He was dead serious.

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Oh god, another company ruined.

Never buying your shit now. Instant boycott.

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What would anyone buy? All they seem to have is faggoty shit. Why is anyone even talking about them?

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It's going to be an easy boycott.

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SJWs & Trannies deserve to be burned at the stake

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Yep, there's no other way. SJWs need to be purged from earth. Then all problems disappear.

It's as simple as that.

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SJWs, trannies and other degenerates are a product of leftism.

Leftism has to go first, everything else will fall like dominoes.

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Their tag line is “we make games for gamers”

Haha, no you don’t.

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They were never a good company, why did they think they could survive doing something dumb like this.

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I love the convenience of SJWs announcing their actions, makes it so easy to drop their products and services.

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The end of league. Is the the new CEO that Kathleen Kennedy brush?

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