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twist and tuck* you need that tight spot to keep the air out. also they dont express how we push the air out then spin the bread making a pretty tight seal good enough for fresh bread in 2-3 days

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Nor does this simple chart show appreciation for the lawful evil who keep miscreants out of the bread by utilizing a simple knot.

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Neutral evils where it's at! Ain't nobody got time for a twist!

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go make yourself useful, neutral evil before those more exalted than you decide the fate of your wretched life

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Twist the bag first you fucking scum.

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Likewise haha

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Chaotic Neutral, FTW.

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I honestly think most people are

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Damn straight.

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People use a "bottle hack" for closing bread bags?

They probably shouldn't have access to the sharp implements needed to cut the bottle.

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I think the author was just struggling to think of nine ways to seal a bag.

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Apparently it's a thing.

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woke up this morning... sipped my soy latte... and HACKED my daily bread routine. thanks mashable!

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"Bottle hack"? The fuck is that Buzzfeed tier shit? Life hack: Do all this retarded ass work if you just so happen to have a bottle lying around vs. just twist and tucking.

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I'm chaotic neutral. Please don't dox me.

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What if you don't believe in the Jewish food pyramid and don't eat bread?

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This isn't about eating bread, it's about storing bread.

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Why the fuck would I store bread if I don't eat it? I don't have to make sandwiches like you do for your wife's boyfriend when he is over.

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Don't act like you don't feast on it.
rubs hands together
Ouch! my nose!

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Without bread, life itself would be impossible. Even Jesus said.... "eat me".

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If jesus could see how and what bread is made of today, he would do another one of those flipping table bits down in jewtropolis.

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Who the fuck eats bread? That shit's garbage.

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He's right though. Especially that wonder bread crap. If you're gonna eat bread at least have some actual real "artisan" bread.

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Mathew 26:26 While they were eating, Jesus took bread, spoke a blessing and broke it, and gave it to the disciples, saying, “Take and eat; this is My body.”
Mathew 26:27 And thus smokratez said, "You fucking niggerfaggot gonna dun try an give me bread? Dat shit's garbage!"
Mathew 26:28 Jesus, with a weeping eye, threw himself upon his anti-muslim crusader blade. All other disciples announced, "Thanks smokratez, I guess?!"
Mathew 26:29 smokratez kicked a stone and walked over toward Judas.

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Why isn't using a twisty tie on here?

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I think it is considered the same as reusing the clip in lawful neutral. At least that’s my guess as I initially had the same question.

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The bread I buy comes with a twist tie, so I'm pretty sure that was intended - assuming the author even knew about twist ties.

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