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Weren't the Bioshock remasters borked? I vaguely remember them running like shit.

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They had two sets of issues. One set was just carried over form the originals (mouse and sensitivity for example). The other was performance issues that patching helped a little. On top of it, the installer often did not make sure DX9.0c and/or VC++ were installed and folks had to manually do so. All in all they are worth it if you can get them to work (and got them for free for owning the originals) but otherwise just play the originals.

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That is basically what I remember. I have the originals sI got the remasters for free as well. I would rather play the originals anyway.

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A compatibility tracker was created recently to help see the status of other games too.


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Sure that link is right?

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Faggots play Bioshock.

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This is 100% true. winks at you, knowingly

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I wish I could try to use their new vulcan setup to run Hearthstone. It's killing my CPU every time I play it.

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Would distro make a difference?

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Yes it would. There is currently a compatibility list being updated if you want to dig in further.

https://docs . google . com/spreadsheets/d/1DcZZQ4HL_Ol969UbXJmFG8TzOHNnHoj8Q1f8DIFe8-8/htmlview?sle=true#gid=0

Forgot how serious privacy is here, follow a Google link at your own risk.

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I'm using Steam on Arch and never had a problem.

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Anything debian based goes

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Ohi have been wanting to play Witcher 3. That's good to hear games are starting to work with steam windows emulator