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That has been a thing for a long time now. You cannot own a game if it has DRM (physical or digital makes no difference).

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Only people with slow internet connections can fully understand the frustrations of game downloads and updates. You learn to organize your life around the speed of your internet and the gaming experience.

Plan a few days in advance if possible and have plenty of other games available just in fucking case the fucking game you want to play right now on Steam has a random FUCKING 5 gig update.

To the OP, I feel your pain and this is a lesson in double-checking shit.

Your PC hate is misplaced tho. I own several consoles and prefer PC gaming over consoles 100% of the time with zero caveats.

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Be me, Have job in city far away form family and friends, Only friends are 100's of miles away Can only play games with friends on blue moon our schedules synchronize Stars align, our schedules line up Finally, some social interaction fuckyes.jpg turn on computer windows installs updates even though I disabled them, wait 30 minutes. wait 10 minutes for computer to actually start because windows is ass but nobody makes games my friends play for linux turn on steam.exe wait 10 minutes for launcher to update. When finally starts, can see no improvements in launcher in this update. why was update needed? See game I want want to play, 5gb hotfix to move UI screen 2 px to left. No option to skip. Tell friends to start without me, download should finish because it started out at 5 MB/s Wait 2 hours for download because shitty ISP (only one in area) gives me a download speed of 100kb/s despite paying for 300 MBit/s package. Friends are having blast shooting [insert enemy here] in the [insert body part here] I can't join in fun because I an pissed and can't see what's happening. game finishes downloading finally.jpg Get excited to do things with friends start game Game crashes Turns out hotfix borked game for people with [suckass Nvidia card] I didn't want hotfix in first place, but couldn't opt out. can't roll back changes either tell friends that I can't join their game I am left there realizing that I just wasted my only 2 hours of free time go to bed because friends are finished playing games repeat next time I play with friends.

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Leave your steam running and your shit will already be up to date when you go to play, even with a crappy internet connection.

It sucks that you had a bad experience, but the benefits of it being so easy for games/platforms to self-update far outweigh the issues.

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Few things on your description and most would say I'm nit picking here but when it comes to speeds this is a difference of a factor of 8 when you use a "b" bit vs "B" byte. 5gb at 5MB/s would take 125 seconds so it would need to drop pretty quick. 300MB/s would be would be about 2.4Gb/s. I'm not meaning this as a dig at you mostly pointing it out because steam tends to use "B" Byte and ISPs tend to use "b" bit in sales this is why you see such big differences, it doesn't excuse what you saw 100KB/s from steam or 0.8Mb/s when you paid for 300Mb/s.

The best tip I can give for connections speeds is that almost every consumer router/modem out there seems to suffer from degrading speeds the longer it is on so power cycle that thing once a month or before you are going to do something data intensive can be worth the few minutes reboot time.

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At first didn't realize you were referring to that PC

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Did you just assume his use of PC? How dare you!

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While I agree about the paying for a code part, I haven't bought a game in the last 10 years that I could just insert a disc, install and play without downloading something. If you want to use a computer properly you should pay for a better connection anyways, or refund the game if it makes you THAT raged out. Or just pirate it like people who aren't faggots do with games like that.

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with steam you can install on 2 platforms for each account. install all your games to a backup computer or harddrive.

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Or pirate and play on whatever the fuck want.

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if steam ever pulls a game you're going to have to crack their DRM anyways so you can play it without a steam connection.

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I remember back in the day when you'd buy a game and it would come with a manual that gave game advice and plot backstory at the very least. Sometimes you'd also get a strategy guide, a soundtrack CD, a map (VERY useful in Morrowind), or other things like that. And those were just the regular editions. The collectors editions usually had more goodies, not just codes for a skin or a weapon.

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Consumers don't seem to demand that anymore, I assume people view having a physical collection as a waste of space. Personally, I'd rather have a physical collection with physical artwork, audio, and etc.

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You mean back when Tutorials didn't exist and reading the manual was mandatory to get past the main menu? Yeah, great times, everyone loved that!

That time when you hoped the game didn't require some new DirectX version or, god forbid, a driver update for your graphics or sound card?

The time when you had to buy games that were available in the store and indie games didn't exist?

Fuck your nostalgia.

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Ah yes the good old times.

I love those PC CD-ROM games era.

Today I don't really care about owning shit anymore. I just pirate stuff and buy the ones I want to support (but still play the pirated version anyway because who the fuck want to install denuvo).

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GoG let's you download things DRM-free, so you can make easy backups of your games. I prefer having tons of games on a harddrive, than a bunch of CDs that can still have annoying DRM. I have a RAID setup, so I can be sure nothing ever gets lost. If you have slow internet, then you're kind of screwed, but you could still bring a laptop with a hard-drive to a place with fast internet, like a cafe or your local library, download the games and read/eat something, while the download is finishing.

Physical media for PC is dead in most places, although there are still a couple stores in Europe I can think of that have a good selection. You still need to be careful that it isn't just a download code. The chance is about 50/50.

Then there's all the retro emulation+rom gaming on modern PCs that is awesome.

For games that have shit DRM, often the pirate versions will have that stripped away, so you actually own the software more, than if you bought it. But then you always have to worry about what kind of extra spicy sauce might be in that pirate .exe

If you are really desperate, you could try using Aircrack to gain access to a good wifi connection.

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Did you get your internet from Kmart too?

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You should have checked. You will next time.

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