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Part of the problem, I think, is that the perpetually offended would not just boycott a game if they disagreed with the political views or whatnot of the respective developer(s). Instead, you see dedicated campaigns to get people fired, doxxed, threatening calls to assorted family members, or all that jazz.

Simply because these people do not, in fact, care about games in the first place. It's all about pushing their own agenda. So why harm game sales when you don't care about them in the first place? What these people want is to hurt people.

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I think the fear is overrated. At least when it comes to furry trannies which is what we are talking about here. They simply can't keep focus long enough to organize anything before the next 'end of the world event' hits them and they have to go cry about that as well.

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its a collaberation. the owners and the sjws are trying to ruin gaming for you. once all of these games were gobbled up by the corporation EA they can now dictate the content to the extent of changing ww2 scenarios to involve people that were not there

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So why harm game sales when you don't care about them in the first place?

So that you stop having fun and are just pissed about shit all the time like they are, does this concept sound familiar?!

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Sounds vaguely like 4chan/8chan /v/. The difference, again, being that the latter still plays/pirates video games, and if only to rant about how bad they are.

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this is what insane jews do for everything.

they are parasites and can't exist in a free society so they have to go for this shit

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In a perfect world this opinion would be filed under “Fucking duh.”, but big games companies seem to be uniformly run by money people at the top who don’t understand their product or user base.

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Yeah I agree with this. It seems like the creators of the new Doom are the first "woke" (at least publically) game devs lol. That trailer was hilarious

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The entire “uproar” over the joke about political correctness in the trailer is surreal to me. The fact that there are articles atop articles arguing about something that is practically a Dad Joke is insane. People were making PC Newspeak jokes 20 years ago and nobody cared. It’s not the DOOM team being edgy, it’s the fact that old and relatively toothless jokes cause social spergouts now.

I don’t think the DOOM: Eternal team set out to make some complex cultural statement. The put in a joke because it was mildly amusing and everybody else flipped their shit.

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Its the same company that made wolfstein lol, they made games for both sides. Its all a kabuki theatre to get our money.

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(((money people)))

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That statement only applies in America and Western Europe.

Natural selection, seeing how the white goys there lack tribalism and in-group preference and having too much pathological altruism and all that.

Literally easy to pacify, especially after they successfully sell the middle eastern religion invented specifically to pacify the dumb goys, with "Israel as chosen tribe" and all that shit.

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The handful of recent games that just slightly eschewed political correctness (Doom Eternal, Kingdom Come Deliverance) seem to have been received enthusiastically by their core audience.

Are there other good examples?

It seems like a good marketing strategy to just outrage the perpetually offended in a small way. Despite how vocal they are, they're not the core gaming demographic and are a small minority compared to normal people.

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KC:D sold a million copies before/on release. I was one of them, and the game is fantastic (and very unforgiving, which is another thing they bitch about now)

I remember when they all were complaining about no niggers in it, and after the founder/head dev told them to go fuck themselves they tried to take it to the studio and he was basically like "fuck off, still me" hahaha

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Another angle to look at it from: How many games thumbed their noses at the SJWs and then crashed and burned? Because I can't think of any.

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I'm actually interested in how Doom Eternal pre-sales are doing, and not just because of the jokes in the live playthrough at Quake Con, but also because they don't seem to have any incentives atm.

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Loud minority vs the silent majority.

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But but waht about growing which is apperantly = expanding to demos who dont give a fuck.

Strange, wonder when tampon commercials and bra catalouges try to appeal to me....with the path we are going down, it might be very soon.

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Can we just soank these fucking whiny children already. Tired of this bullshit.....Oh you can't fucking make that game it isn't politically correct...boo fucking hoo...don't play it then and go back to whacking to freezer door handles or whatever it is you think you sexually are today.

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Choose one:

Try to cater to SJWs, who can never be satisfied and who aren't going to buy from you regardless, and alienate your buyers.

Cater to your buyers.

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it's unbelievable how such nonsense could become a controversy in the first place.

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Making an "assume my gender" joke goes far from alienating video game players. I'd say laughing at SJWs is the most successful social media presence a game company can have.

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I agree with the fact

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