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Have you considered joining DA **PC MASTERACE **


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Idk why you're being down voated. PC's have a lot to offer: Numerous well developed free games, use any controller you like (including mouse keyboard), choose your level of performance, get cheap games from steam, g2a, amazon, etc during sales.

I personally think PCs are a better value, but if your friends play on console, i could see the attraction.


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Idk why you're being down voated.

Uhh... you realize there's vote counters on this site right? He's sitting at only one downvote.


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Idk why you're being down voated.

50 points (+52|-2)



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Look's like some assholes have found the down vote button. PC is a valid option but some games are only on console , I know not a lot of them but some,Bloodborne for one. Why I did not build a PC and went for a PS4, Have I regretted my choice... Nope and I Love my PS4. But this is my reasoning for buying it. Over the years I have built many a PC, I have even worked in games shop selling games for 4 year's. When I first built my PC's I Spent day's working out the best part's for the best price for the best performance that I could afford. But every year a new game would hit the shelf's that would tax the system to the max, Damn try a new game on a two or three yer old system and see how well it run's with out any upgrade's.
My thinking was if I buy a console it can run a new game on this console today and run a new game seven years down the track with out any hassles at all, something that can not be said about a PC without having to spend some money on updating it. I also noticed that many the 3rd person games were coming out on consoles one of my favorite game types, then there is Exclusives every platform has them this is what made my choice to go for a PS3 last season and a PS4 now. As for choice get the one that is right for you, not because your mates have it as you will be plying it. Good luck on your choice and have fun.

Top 15 Upcoming Xbox One Exclusive Games ----------- Top 15 Upcoming Exclusive Games for PlayStation 4

My pick from the list Let It Die


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Because at this point some people are getting tired of that meme.


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ok small rant.

Was hoping voat would stop with the reddit "PCMASTERRACE" jokes when people want a simple answer from a & b.

Here, the OP is trying to get an informative answer from his 2 picked choices. When people suggest an alternative, it makes his post irrelevant. The satire of PCMR in post like these are really not informative to the question.

Every time I said that on reddit I would get downvoted without anyone saying why, so if you do downvote me I encourage you to tell me why you think Im wrong.


[–] Ambiguous_Lumberjack 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

The reason we tell people to get PC is because it helps grow our superior platform. Consoles that try to be pcs (ie xbone and ps4) are simply a waste of money. If you buy into a console, you're investing in hardware that was outdated on launch. Consoles don't have near the freedom and functionality of a PC and games much more expensive.

Pcs are highly modular, the weaker end hardware is already more powerful than the consoles hardware, and there is always room to upgrade various parts to suit your needs. The way I see it, it is just silly to even consider consoles these days. Back 5-10 years ago pcs were much harder to configure and use for gaming, but today its mostly plug and play unless you mod or overclock.

I guess to truly answer your question, people tend to lean towards consoles because the idea of building a PC is daunting. It takes encouragement from a community to tell you that you CAN do it, and that its not as difficult as some make it out to be.


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Ah yes, I'm posting from my rig as we speak, sorry about the mess.

I just thought it would be fun to have something for the living room.


[–] cml1of4 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

That's always a solid argument for a console, but consider this

I bought a cheap computer off craigslist, stuck an SSD and cheap GPU in it and instant party box. We use my and my roomates old 360 controls. I can stream games from my main rig to it and I have emulators on it (smash Bros and Mario kart). Total cost was well under $400.0 .


[–] OldSchoolRPGs 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Not sure if you know, but Steam lets you stream games from your PC to another computer (I just use an old crappy laptop) so you wouldn't need a second rig.

They are also releasing the Steam Link in November that will do this without needing that second computer.

Ofc if you just wanted the console for a different variety of games then just ignore my comment.


[–] SparkyRed 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

What games are you going to play? Building a dirt cheap steambox with a wireless xbone controller for the living room may be an option*.

*If you play FPS games then no, but driving, most simulation, and most acarde type games will work.


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I wish I could take up PC gaming again, but when the industry went digital only I got left behind with my bandwidth cap. The unfortunate thing is that consoles are going that way too, even if you do go out and buy the disc.