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Hooray! I can finally bail on Windows.

[–] firecat 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

No you can't; Play Steam can't run AAA games that require higher graphics cards or ram, it been reported to stop working if a game has DRM. This software is just a copy of Wine.

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Right? Jesus Christ these people are deluded masochists

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...or you can just bail period and recognize gaming is being used to string you along. Maybe ask why companies choose to use DX when Vulcan and other api's are available (hint $$$$)

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I'm still waiting on a good profit switching crypto miner (I'm using Awesome Miner with Mining Pool Hub) and then I'll be good to get rid of Windows on my gaming PC (all my others are different forms of Ubuntu)

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If you're mining on windows, you're doing it very wrong.

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HOLY SHIT? Is... is this the year of linux desktop?

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Every year is the year Linux will make it big, and then it doesn't. The way Microsoft is going, though, it's really only a matter of time. This will definitely nudge it also nudge it along. However, valve is notorious for announcing things and either not following through, or doing so like, five years later. So, we'll see. #Linux2020?

EDIT: OH SHIT. IT'S ALREADY RELEASED. Only beta, though. So my original hashtag still stands.

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You miss the part where Valve isn't part of it, they made it but developers have to add it to the game.

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Of course! Just like every year for the past two decades...

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LOL... no.

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Like everything worthwhile it happens slowly. The decade of the Linux desktop is upon us.

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I'm physically shaking right now


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Underrated comment

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OOOOOOoooOOh Shit! is this real, is this shit finally happening? Oh boy, I have the urge to gloat at microsoft soo bad right now. Think we can start an email 'good bye' campaign to microshit? I think we need more people to get on that linx train now.

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for everytime a windows clock wouldnt synq or it couldnt find any compatable drivers right on the screen. or it failed to back up or it failed to boot

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+1 in my book for steam.

It seems like their talents are a little wasted on games. They’ve created something that makes windows software easily compatible with linux. Could be pretty big for linux. Surely microsoft will try to thwart them

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The breakthrough seems to be with DirectX, which is what drives the graphics of most games. A lot of other applications tie in to Windows through different means, so this is probably game specific and won't work for most other types of apps.

A lot of Windows' market share is due to people needing it to play games, so this could lead to a fast track to development of other Linux simulations of Windows platform if people end up adopting Linux. It's a big step, but probably going to need a little more time before people can simply ignore Windows (and that's assuming it's optimized enough for good performance). Would be about time though, Windows 10 is atrocious and they need competition to stop the degradation of their OS into a GUI wasteland where they try to load up as much cheap marketing as they can.

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then im going to linux finally

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Welcome over friend =D. Feel free to ask some questions. I'm at least always glad to try to help.

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Can someone please make a version of linux that is set up exacty like windows 7 ? Or better yet xp ?

I've got so many of the things from those muscle memorized. I don't know how to Ctrl Alt Del on linux.

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just got mint up and running. thanks for the offer, but if i cant make it work on my own, then i should just be a winblows pleb

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Damm was expecting them to keep that private a So they could promote steamos. Good to know they care a lil for the consumer

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SteamOS is dead, and now it makes sense.why. They have been working on this for awhile.

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"It's the future of gaming."

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Valve knows Windows is going down due to the latest turmoil with Windows 10. This is just a necessary business decision.

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I think it is more the announcement of daas

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Do you honestly believe windows is going to lose significant market share to Linux? Really dude?

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The only constant is change. It's inevitable. Microsoft knows it.

You should too.

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