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Politics aside, I get anti-hyped when I see a “historical” shooter where everybody is running around with custom guns. I know that technically collimated optics existed, but it looks dumb as hell when everybody is running around with a red dot in WW2 and all kinds of crazy mods that are thinly justified because a prototype of the mod existed somewhere in a testing armory.

The whole point of historical shooters is to get immersed. Plus WW2 by its nature smoothly enables class based gameplay because the real life weapons were all so distinct from each other in how they operated.

I’m burnt out of these unlockathon skinner boxes.


[–] JJNova 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago 

Remember when we were all burned out on WWII shooters? Now that there are none of them in the market, I kind of miss them. Although, I think what I really miss is immersive single player campaigns that were based in historical situations.


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Very good point. The first few call of duty games and battlefield where like this. A class based gameplay with maybe one or two unlockable weapons for that class.


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I thought you were banned from the internet