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I think dunkey has it right. The middle should be a bell curve so that when you have a phenomenal game (10) it’s rating carries more weight than something you bought, played once, and forgot. (5)

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I tend to like movies and games that get low ratings, and dislike movies and games that get high ratings.

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Games rating, if crowdsourced like Steam recommendations or metacritic, is not that bad.

Movies rating though, absolutely don't fucking matter. It just goes to show you that movies industry is nothing more than propaganda machine.

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I once thought so too, back when there were fewer games being released. But consider this, Steam and other online gameshops are full of games, plenty of shit games. Why even give reviews for absolute crap shovelware games and game reviewers don't do that.

I would set the ratings to something like this

  • <5/10 bad
  • 5/10 average
  • 6/10 decent
  • 7/10 ok
  • 8/10 good
  • 9/10 pretty great
  • 10/10 great

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total shit preorder canceled

Wrong. /v/ rightfully rails against anyone preordering anything for any reason. It's one of the many contributing factors to the shit state of the industry.

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Games are like women. If she's a whore and a 5, fuck her but let your friends pay for it. If she's a 7 or 8, a virgin with no tattoos, and a big dowry- make a commitment and marry the bitch. If she's a 9 or 10, run like hell, because she's a dude and it's false advertising.

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So did BFV flop yet ?

Can’t wait to see what the fiscal report reveals

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Pretty sure their pre-order status was shit

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Like wine scores.

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But thats wrong, too...

3-4-5-6 is for "if you really like this kind of gameplay" i. e. for a regular human the paradox games (Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings) might be a 5-6 cause its complicated and hard, but for a fan of those games its a 8-10.

8-9-10 are games so freaking good that anyone will enjoy them, even if they are normally only playing paradox interactive games and nothing else.

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