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Thats nothing try the 9/11 vr game...its on youtube somewhere

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I assume that you posted a Youtube link...But I see absoluetly nothing, your post is jut void.

Anyone like me ?

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I don’t like you at all

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I'm having the same issue. Just username with nothing in the subject line. I've seen this several times now when people post just a link while viewing on my phone. I assume you are on mobile? Edit: just checked, same issue on desktop @puttitout

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He had a typo in the URL. I fixed it - https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=ZDZrDq1J17g

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Working fine here

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Virtual Reality needs to be a sit-down experience. If they try to do it free-standing I foresee lots and lots of stubbed toes, bloody knuckles, broken arms and broken legs.

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I've never seen anyone face plant like this guy, lol.

These platforms paint a visible grid in VR when you get near a wall, so you know you are near a real world obstruction. Unless you are literally running or lunging (or if your play area is very tiny), it's obvious when you are close enough to impact something, mistakes are pretty rare even for first time players.

I have had my kids push a chair out into the play area that wasn't supposed to be there and got a bloody toe when i dodged into it. I've also gotten a black eye when I wasn't paying attention and was standing too close to the edge while someone else was playing.

VR is pretty awesome, I think the fun of room scale experiences exceed the risk.

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VR will be much better in a seated or a stationary standing position using an omni-directional treadmill...Zero worries about crashing into things! : )

Although I always have high-end gaming rigs I have no intention of buying a VR setup for at least another 10 years, or so. How much would you be willing to spend on a nice VR setup? I'd be willing to spend $3,000 - 4,000 for the computer and another $3,000 for the VR setup.

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Good. Good. That's how it has to be. Virtual reality, real injuries. Good.

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honestly, gamers arnt that active/dont want to be active when they game.

the best VRs currently are the ones where you sit down, IE elite dangerous. you need to dedicate an entire room to VR otherwise.

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We should replace all Oculus logos with Facebook ones.

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I guess if you had to go this would be a great to do so!

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My interest is suddenly piqued.

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Seriously, these VR reaction videos are some of the funniest shit out there. I cracked up for hours watching this stuff!


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Why do people still post animated gifs?

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because theyre animated

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Animated .mp4 loads much faster.

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