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As far as I know, it's because they are basically descended from the Kabalikas, an ancient ( now outlawed) Hindu cult that follows dark Gods to gain wealth and power. ( One of their books is literally called The Kaballah). In Hindusim, it's believed that souls with demonic qualities keep being reborn as demons, while those with divine qualities experience an equivalent rebirth cycle ( Bhagavad Gita, Ch 16, V 20). This could be a possible explanation.

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here's a new depth i have not reached. please sir, I would like to know more.

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I know this is a (((wiki))) link, but actual information about this is hard to come by, outside of oral teachings and the discourses of Acharyas. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapalika

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Word etymology is always fascinating, that's likely the root for 'cabal'.

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Hey! Its morally--er--mortally challenged, you antisemitic shitlord!

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Quake champions is free. Someone come play it with me.

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Me too. I've been out of gaming for awhile, but hearing that immigration joke made me want to get this haha

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its looks pretty much the same as the previous doom that came out, but slower

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Everyone but me on Voat is a jew-obsessed Muslim.

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This will probably be the first game I've played since the last one. Can't wait!

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You have it backwards.

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