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The "Battle Royal" online map in Fortnite was copied by Epic via Unreal Engine 2. Epic already had the campaign of Fortnite close to finished when they found out about Bluehole's game, after they signed on to use UE4.

No, PubG isn't the first battle royal game. The fact the campaign of the game doesn't match the online offering shows it was a recent addition. Since Mindcraft made a Battle Royal game before Fortnite, Epic wouldn't have made it an addition to a cartoon graphic style video game where walls bounce and build shit out of thin air (kinda like socialists). It would have been more like PubG; realistic, what the UE4 does best. But first to market on an idea is capital. So they moved.

Then, from the communist held country, China, comes Tencent! The pro communist conglomerate that's gobbling up western tech companies, progenitors of micro transactions and pay to win. They're a parasite that's infected both Epic AND Bluehole! They create the mobile app for Tencent reeeeal fast. Big money moves mountains. Now they've bent PC gamers over big time. Next comes Xbox gamers, Playstation, Nintendo. Then the money will be used to kill people.

Don't buy their micro transactions. It literally benefits the million human killing communist party. Hate North Korea? That's a communist held country.


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Tencent is not less capitalist or more communist than EA or Ubishit.

They are all faceless megacorporation that cares about nothing except money.

Except that Tencent is slightly better because it does not actively push for libtard "progressive western" propaganda in their games.


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No, they literally are Communist. Not one major corporation in China can exist without the communist party's approval. Its just fact. Stop rationalizing and protecting communism. Its a scam and should be eradicated.

Western gaming companies are NOT communist. That's fact too. But they do sell out fast when it comes to money. And that's exactly what Tencent is doing. Playing us for #Fools.

I'm no fool and in want them out of our world, yesterday.


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mate you know the score.. don't give them a damn thing


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They ALMOST got me.