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Ever since Minecraft, general fascination with the open-world experience has been pushed to the ultra mainstream; most likely due to how humans in this age desperately need an avenue to express their primal frontier/survivalist part of themselves because of rampant social and environmental isolation. So I reckon Fortnite is where this need for primal frontier expression at last meets up with the status quo COD mentality, thus sparking a fast growing competitive game franchise. Also, the way the game looks is designed to capture the attention of spectators, with its vibrant color palette and it cartoonish art style, so it can entice players to think, "This looks easy lemme try," ultimately keeping the demographic range wider and getting new players hooked and making it spread faster.


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Rust would have seemed to fill that role more, but I think it has died back.


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rust was amazing, but they made it way to complicated to make guns.. which meant a few guys on the server just run around poning everyone, which leads to boring game play, and thus low server numbers... also u need decent ping to play

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it takes one to know one


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And his shits all retarded?