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Gaming is literally the only thing that keeps me hanging on the Microsoft teat. Win 7. Fuck win 10.

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Same here I have windows 7 and I have linux mint on dual boot. Love them both

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Since I live way off the Grid I have to be careful with my power usage. If I have my Nickle Iron battery banks completely charged and the wind is turning my wind turbine, I use my AMD 8 core desktop with a AMD RX 580 Graphics adapter, 2 WDC 600 GB 10,000 RPM Drives and 2 1.5 TB 5400 RPM Drives. This system doubles as my desktop and as a back up server. For when the power is getting to be a issue I use a Laptop that I have a dual boot with Windows 7 and Fedora 28. I got most of the stuff working on Fedora except for the accessing the shared drives on the Windows server. When I am running power lean (Wind and Solar power with the Nickle Iron battery bank I have to run two lap tops a WIFI router/Ethernet hub and a microwave transmitter receiver for network connections. When I am running power lean I also use Vermont 17 inch 3/4 inch wick kerosene lamps for illumination. They put out about 25 candle power or 325 Lumens on 1/2 OZ of highly purified lamp oil per hour. Cooking, hot water heating, and refrigeration is done by LP GAS. I also have a 5500 watt LP Gas/Diesel fuel inverter generator when I need more power for running farm and shop equipment. My Nickle Iron battery bank is a1000 amp hour at 12 VDC. This will supply my needs for about 6 days.

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