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Tell developers to stop with the DirectX bullshit and start only developing the vulkan API. Presto! All games run better in Windows and Linux.

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the problem is microsoft pays the for profit schools like full sail to only teach their proprietary BS like direct x, so for many cheap unqualified programmers, its simply all they know.

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Sounds like a bad decision on the student's side to learn only one option it limits their choices of jobs when they get out into the real world. Oh well they are adults and can face their limits or handle the consequences of their choices.

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C# devs say what?

Java Devs say huh?

[–] rfjardim 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Microsoft simply buys anyone they want with subsidies, technical help and (of course) bribes !

If we lived in a world where morals and principals were the norm, they would have a hard time going their way ...!

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Doom runs and looks great in vulkan but has a hard frame rate cap. I'm not sure if it's the game itself or a vulkan thing. Most games aren't even written for dx12 proper. Just dx11 in a dx12 wrapper. Even MS' precious Turn10 titles.

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Because no developer would dare drop support for Windows 7 and lose 1/3 of the narket

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Most games aren't even written for dx12 proper.

Seems like DX10 had the same issue. Maybe it is like their Windows releases, only every second one is really any good.

[–] thisistotallynotme 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago  (edited ago)

DXVK is pretty much running everything nowadays, including Fortnite.

So it's cool if they want to keep using DirectX. We'll be good either way.

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SteamOS will not go anywhere without "exclusives."

Imagine playstation or nintendo console without exclusive titles. Yep, much much less sales.

It's all about the market demand. Demand to emulate sony/nintendo consoles in PC are always big because of "exclusive titles," I can't think of a time where anyone would want to emulate SteamOS in windows PC.

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Win 10 has gotten creepier and grosser with every update. Im ready for an alternate. If linux or mac had directx support I'd bail in a heaertbeat.

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You should probably try Solus right fucking now, lest your heart stops beating.

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That looks like another worthless Ubuntu fork. Probably better to stick with stock Ubuntu running xfce or Unity environment with Wine installed, if you want to play Steam games.

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Something like this is made possible by advances in Wine, DXVK and such. Shame Valve didn't contribute more, but they are no longer in business of making games and technology. They are in business of making money.

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You've clearly not been paying attention to Valve's hiring of Keith Packard, their investments in Ryan Gordon as a consultant, or the other two dedicated team members they've hired for Linux specifically.

And you haven't been paying attention to LKML much.

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I suspect many of us don't read it unless someone tells us that Linus had another epic meltdown.

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I think there are a lot of people who are still in Windows 7 and planning to abandon Microsoft altogether when it reaches EOL, and are starting to refuse to buy Windows-only games because they know they'll be useless to them once they're forced to make the switch. So Valve is trying to stay a step ahead of the Winpocalypse.

[–] Gorillion 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 


Windows updates are a horror show now. Motherfucker just fucking installed fucking cockmuncher Edge browser without my permission. And launched it upon reboot. Had to go through some arcane steps to disable it, as uninstalling will just trigger a reinstall at next OS update.

I want out. Games are the last frontier. Windows needs to die. Microsoft needs to die.

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I use win 10 and it never gives me any problem because I always disabled windows update.

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Modern computer hardware and virtualization software making it less painful than it used to be when you virtualized things that used lots of CPU and, more specifically, extensive graphics rendering. The signal can be passed through to the hardware with very little impact on performance.

If you're interested, you can try Linux and the free virtualization software called VirtualBox. I much prefer the proprietary Acronis, but that's not important. You'd install Linux and then install a virtualized Windows operating system. This is surprisingly effective.

I do use a lot of VMs, but I use them to tinker with other operating systems. I've got scores of VM images for various OSes. It works pretty well. I don't use it with Windows, but I know people who d - and they game this way. They say it works well, but I have zero experience with that specifically.

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Pretty sure you can use your shitty on-board video card to render linux, and dedicate your gaming video card directly to the VM. This way there are zero performance hits, when virtualizing Windows for the sole purpose of gaming. I wanna see if I can get that done for sound cards, too. 'cause if so: I'm gonna remove Windows from the bare-metal of my normie PC, like with a cloth or something, and just VM the two-or-three programs that I have left, which unfortunately have no viable linux alternative.

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In 2 years windows 7 will die and it’s either Linux or bust for a lot of folks. Wish m$ wasn’t run by pajeets.

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If you guys like this come check out /v/winegaming

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Glad to see Valve is still on our side.

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Valve isnt on our side, Valve is on Valve's side.

The reason they switched sides was because Microsoft threatened to force Windows installations through the Windows app store, thus killing off Steam as a competing App store and taking a cut from every game Valve would sell in the future.

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Valve is on Valve's employees side. Their company moves the direction they all are interested in, which is an interesting way to run a company. A bit of a different distinction. It isn't a top down run company. Personally, I like it. There are still a lot of good intentioned people working there.

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