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Leftists being retarded by themselves comparing immigrants to the demons. There's plenty of plausible deniability for ID to go with this. It's a common story mechanic, after all. Jesus SJWs just cry and shit themselves don't they?

Also, holy shit a non-fagged game dev, thank fuck.

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I never thought I would see a mortally challenged being such as yourself defending such bigotry. You're just an uncle Lucifer.

Edit: look at his username. Either people have no sense of humor or I'm not as funny as I thought I was. Probably a little of both.

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The humor could use some work. You definitely have some good ideas, but the delivery was very troll-y in the bad way. Maybe mention the username in the post to link it to what you're saying, then lay on some THICC sarcasm. Something like:

@Demon is an uncle Lucifer race traitor! Bigots like you are the reason the mortally challenged blah blah You see where I'm going with this.

I guess the subtle distinction is to include the audience. A little nudge nudge wink wink to cue people in to the fact that this is a performance. Otherwise you're just singling out an attacking one guy like an asshole, funny or not.

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5 jews have been here.

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Pay your gas bills

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Holy Beautiful

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It's disgusting that people shill every time a dev does something somewhat right-wing political. Kingdom come was boring real fast- basically the no man's sky of right wing virtue signalling. Make good games. Fags already hid my bottom comment on this thread

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The last DOOM is pretty damn good - no reason to think this one would be shit (yet) - all signs are pointing to another good game...

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If the devs don't cuck out I'll definitely buy it.

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They should fake capitulate and add a "soy" difficulty level where the bot doesn't say double-plus-ungood things.

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"soy" should be easier than the tutorial so that game journalists can see the credits.

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Isn't it developed/published by bethesda? Even if it's not cucked like the rest of their garbage, it's not worth paying for.

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Bethesda is just the publisher. id still does the development.

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The last one was good. I think they've got different people working on it.

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if you haven't already, i highly recommend playing the latest doom game. besides being a blast, there are some disturbing parallels between the plot and the transcendental ideals of modern elites. not sure if intentional.

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If you're talking about robo doctor, I actually agreed with him. He was pretty rational about the whole thing and why/how things had happened. He can't show emotion anymore, but he regretted what happened, and clearly despised the bitch that ruined everything for selfish gain at the expense of humanity.

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Its intentional.

Furthermore, did you get the hidden backmasked message in the final song?

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ha nope. are you referring to this?

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I only played about 30 minutes as I wasn't into that pace of game at the time. Great game though.

What are some of these parallels? I'm going back to play it so I'd like to catch them as they come up.

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If devs ignores it, I predict record sales. Game companies should hire all the lame game reviewer/bloggers. Have them on stage getting pissed and complaining at game demos. The fans would love it.

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devs should double down and use all the SJW rhetoric. Every single line should be an attack on political correctness. They'll have folks who don't even like the series or subject matter buying the game, out of spite.

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Have you heard the audience laugh around 11:28 about "mortally challenged"? The Doom devs know what actual gamers want. And 25 years is more than enough experience with finger-wiggling moral busybodies to not cater to them.

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Yeah, there are definitely more politically wrong gamers than politically correct ones. And there are more politically apathetic ones than the actual SJW, who actually do or believe what he spout on twitter, rather than mere armchair virtue signaling designed to seek attention.

Case in point, almost every games made outside of libtarded countries or games made by conservatives have no problem selling. Heck, games can be opposed by any groups and will still have no problem selling as long as those groups aren't the gamers themselves, for example violent video games or even pokemon getting opposed by some parents.

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Two throwaway lines and they lost their collective shit.

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These are the perpetually offended who looks for an excuse to be that at all times.

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It's so odd that DOOM Eternal and Wolfenstein: The New Order both come from the same company.

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DOOM was and is id Software. The original Wolfenstein was also id, but TNO and TNC were done by Machine Games.

Bethesda is the owner and publisher of both, but the actual development is still two different entities.

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Appeal to SJWs with one.

Appeal to nationalists with the other.

Get money from both groups.

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Or you could just appeal to SJW and beg Open Society Foundation to reimburse your loss of sales due to libtardation.

See, companies can get away without appealing to nationalists ever because SJW puppeteers (globalist bankers) are the ones printing the money.

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Lots of studios have different teams with widely different views of how a game should be developed. It's a good sign if a company can release two games that are so far apart politically; they don't play politics with their devs, they let them make the choices.

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Is there anything they won't touch? Only a matter of time before SJWs are flipping out about porn not because it's indecent or immoral but because there's not enough fat, ugly, trans gendered minorities in straight porn. I wish I was kidding and what I'm saying is over the top but these days, they've ceased to surprise me anymore.

I used to wonder how a populace could commit genocide on their fellow citizens before trying any other means to integrating them back into society but with the lunatic left, I've come to understand there may be no other way. They're determined to fuck society up and sacrifice their lives so sick perverted fucks that are more obsessed with sex than anything else are in control. They are a disease and if treatment proves ineffective, the only thing we can do is eliminate it or allow it to further corrupt us, the choice is ours.

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Was that the one where SJW's started getting pissy about a "lack of diversity" in porn, wanted to mandate porn actors having to fuck people regardless of their preferences, then quickly shut the fuck up when they realized how badly that clashed with their demands for "ongoing, enthusiastic consent" every five seconds?

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