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I think another line from a hologram states, "Please be respectful and do not use the term 'demon.' This can be offensive. We prefer 'mortally challenged'"

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Someone asked me if doom guy gets post traumatic stress disorder...

Doom guy is the traumatic event.

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After the Wolfenstein debacle, I was going to swear-off this Nu-iD, but it seems they're finally wise to "get woke, go broke", so I'll definitely be picking this one up at launch, even if it doesn't work in Linux.

I have to make an exception for "No Tux, No Bux" for this good a trolling.

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id didn't make Wolfenstein. It was developed by Machine Games, a Swecuck company.

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The last one pretty much immediately worked with wine.

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I’ll buy it... and I do not have to ....

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ISnt this one with a female Doom Guy?

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This is the expansion to the 2016 game, not the movie.

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Is it an expansion? I'm pretty sure it's a whole new stand alone sequel.