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What could angry sjws do that could possibly hurt this game? They don't play violent video games, and the people who do don't give a shit what sjws think. At best a loud outcry from the pink haired weirdos might increase sales of this game. Ah, now I get it. Good for you id software.

edit: I'm old enough to remember downloading the first shareware version of Doom from my local bbs (the couple of mb download only contained the first few levels, you had to unlock the rest of the game with a purchase code iirc). I want to say it took around 12 hours to download it overnight on my blazing fast (at the time) 14.4k modem. I'm sure my family picking up the phone meant I had to try 2 or 3 times. My 386 pc at the time could only play it in the tiniest setting possible, only filled about a quarter of the screen to get a decent framerate. I was super jealous of my friends who all had 486 machines. Every now and then they would throw lan parties, Doom was one of those games that we could sometimes get working over our 10base2 daisy chained network over coax. Fun times, the 90's ruled :)

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Looks like I have to buy Doom now.

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Why? do the same as the SJWs praise them for their actions loudly on every outlet you have and spend no money. That said if it is a good game and you are into that type of game go ahead and buy it but be sure it is good and we are not just rewarding them for marketing.

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What could angry sjws do that could possibly hurt this game?

Are you kidding me? Have you been living under a rock the past ten years? They scream and cry about absolutely anything and everything, and they get their way with companies because 1) they're loud and 2) they're persistent. Even with the rare occasion of real fans telling the company "no don't do this," their voices are drowned out by those hordes jumping on the bandwagon to virtue signal. Companies almost always cave to them, the reason doesn't even matter why, it's just that they do, and when they do, they lose profit and sales.

You would think other companies would have seen this and stopped falling into this trap, after all this time, but they still do it, because everything has to be progressive and politically correct. And remember, this is fucking BETHESDA we're talking about here. It's a mainstream AAA publisher/dev studio. They would absolutely cave to SJW pressure.

How in your right mind can you believe they can't do anything to hurt this game given the ridiculous history of the past decade and how many times this situation is repeated?

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Basic business learn your target audience and build with that in mind, if your product get a different following or starts growing adapt to that audience but always keep in mind that you are catering to people that do or will buy your product. Bad press doesn't help but bad press in circles of people that were never going to be customers isn't as big of a concern as in your customer base.

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I think they know that the kind of person who plays Doom will laugh at that kind of joke and mock the ones who take offense. It seems like part of a deliberate marketing strategy.

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now days bad press is basically an endorsement to me if you want to market something to me let me know sjws libtards and msm hate it

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386 whoa my second computer before that I was playing Ikari warriors on those huge floppy’s

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One day, a studio is going to figure out that if you pissed off SJWs with your reveal, you got a bestseller on your hands.

It's like the left learns a new word and that's all they can call anything until they learn another word. It was gaslighting, now it's dog whistle, I wonder how many could even explain what those words mean or the concept behind them.

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It pisses me off so much whenever I heard "dog whistle". It is almost always without basis

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The damn meaning of the phrase is that it's only supposed to mean something to certain crowds. If all these SJW fags get it then it must be an SJW fag dog whistle.

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The "new things" they come up with are actually the things that they are doing at that very moment.

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I've actually seen them use "projection" along with their other vocabulary-word-of-the-day labels, but that one won't take off as long as at least some of them have the slightest bit of self-awareness.

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This was my first thought.


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More than the show, I miss the era in which I watched that show.

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It's kind of bizarre how Doom Eternal throws very unsubtle jabs at multiculturalism and "refugees welcome" bullshit (and they made sure to include it all in the trailer), while NuWolfenstein goes full pozz, more than any other AAA title in the industry. It's weird because both developers work for the same publisher. Guess they're trying to appease both ends of the political spectrum, which I guess would be a smart business decision if only leftists actually bought games, and we know they don't due to the abysmal sales of NuWolfenstein 2.

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Maybe the leftists in the company wanted to work on Wolfenstein and all the other employees thought Doom would be a fun project.

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It's because Bethesda (a very left wing company) is just Doom's publisher. Id software is developing Doom and they clearly don't have the SJW AIDS yet. Although Wolfeinstein was originally an Id software series, it's now developed by a different company.

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hasnt wolfenstein always been poz?

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Maybe the first one failed so they went in the opposite direction.

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The "first" Doom had no political shanengians at all.

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That is incredible. A game that looks fun AND makes fun of dipshits?

Day 1 buy.

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Doom 2016 was the most fun I had playing an FPS in a long time. It's single player is well worth it and I never even touched the multiplayer.

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Sold! They just earned my money!

Fucking whining homo's try to ruin everything.

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SJWs have to be the most humorless fucks in existence.

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yeah...bur why would anyone cater to sjws when they are just a bunch of whiny jewish lesbians who will never buy the game.

jewish lesbians btfo

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They probably thought he said "morally challenged" which they are. Unfourtunately not enough of them are "mortally challenged"

Edit: spelling is hard

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