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I've been playing it.

Some of the criticism is justified. Dauntless had great mouse and keyboard controls, it's weird that mhw has such bad ones .

It doesnt crash, I've had one of sever friends have it crash one single time. Everyone I know is already 15+ hours in ao that is an outlier. And the performance is pretty fantastic.

Connectivity is a mixxed bag. Latency is generally handled pretty well. I've had one period that lasted 20 mins that I couldn't connect to the network and I've got a friend who's had that issue more frequently.

Some YouTubers have commented on better control schemes for m+k and the game supports full keybinds so it's fixable. You can't remap controller buttons in game, only in steam which is unacceptable garbage. It makes all of the in game button prompts useless.

Despite all the criticism, the net code will improve and works well 90% of the time as is. Controller support is great, performance is great. Gameplay is awesome. The unskippable cut scenes are cancer. The game is very very much worth buying, Ill be playing it after work today.

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Thanks for the input on connectivity, I was guessing on what was going on from the prompts I was seeing. good to know keyboard and mouse are remappable but if they can't be bothered with a decent start I'm unlikely to fix it all for them.

I have considered giving Dauntless a shot to see what I think of the gameplay (monster hunter was something I hadn't found until after I had given up on consoles and completely missed on ps2), though from the things I heard monster hunter is more filled out and complete where Dauntless is still a work in progress.

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Dauntless is... Hard. I've beaten dark souls 1-3 and Bloodborne. Dauntless is more difficult. A big part of that is that it's got free to play gating on some of your upgrade items, so as you play and pick up the perk items(cells) the game gets easier and easier. But it is punishingly difficult to make end game progress without them. To the point where vet players are extremely discriminating in who they'll group with. It takes less than 30 hours of solid gameplay to reach the final tier of monsters, if not be able to beat them.

Mhw, on the other hand takes something like 100 hours to get through the campaign to even look at the end game, from what I'm told via a friend who's lvl 400 on xbone. And you've got progression paths that aren't gated by time since mhw isn't f2p.

I like dauntless, but it feels like an alpha. The environments are extremely basic, the progression system is very limited the game doesn't have nearly all the features it needs to be considered a full game. It's just a few fights strung together with some poorly implementes progression systems. I think it will probably be really good in a few years once it's filled out with some content.

Mhw is the opposite, it takes over a decade of refined progression systems and dozens of monsters and over a thousand pieces of gear and just works. It has some hiccups but most games do at launch and they're hardly crippling.

What's truly baffling, is that mhw runs better and loads faster than dauntless. And the netcode is so much better that you can feel it.

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I'm playing it on my pc with a ps4 controller. The game is really made for that. My buddy and I haven't had connectivity issues at all. It's my first monster hunter game and I've been enjoying it. As for the settings, I guess they could have more options for graphics but it auto maxed out on the highest for me so I didn't bother looking into it deeper.

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It's pretty fun, but definitely the first game in a while to make me realize I really need to build a new rig. FPS drops to 15-30 when I'm in a group hunting things together. Connectivity hasn't really been an issue so far, mainly just the graphical limitations. I mean, I'm using a Geforce GTX 980ti, so it's not that bad, but my mother board and processor are pretty dated. Would probably run fine on a Ryzen 7.

Combat is clunky because of all the choices which don;t seem like they were fully refined. Found a few ones I really like though.

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The Monster Hunter formula hasnt changed at all in over ten years,you would think somewhere in the time between then and now they wouldve spent time doing a correct port to the biggest gaming platform. Its a shame,because its a fantastic game series,even if the only difference between them all is environment selection.

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its a known bug the "relaunching" , brother likes it, i may pick it up , hes running a 7700k/ 1070 but it gets warm but no real problems

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The game is solid but the online servers or connectivity is completely borked atm. You can play it just expect to get a pop up telling you you've been kicked to offline mode everytime you try some Co-op. Still its a great game get it once they fix their stupid servers or whatever is causing the issues

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Turn your firewall off, did the trick for me.

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I don't have it, but it's not getting a very good reception on Steam.