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Good points and yeah I don't play a lot myself. I should have maybe tagged this as asking for a game server in general for me to set up. I want something that I can play around with and learn things from. It's not so much about the game itself.

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That is actualy why my buddy is playing continuum it forces some new mods otherwise we tend to default to what we know and can pump out quickly. Then if we try another we are basically just checking how it works late game vs our preferred. Tinker's construct for example is great though we always default to it as we know it and it works so well with low entry point compared to many, but late game for manual mining we will break out botania's terra shatter, or blood magic's pick (though one guy refuses to touch those again after using a set from me in one game and having to rebuild parts of his base multiple times after misclicking out something like a 20x20x20 cube of his base). Weapons it is hard to beat a tricked out tinker's cleaver with anything shy of draconic evolution's sword. Armor depends on the mods interactions I'm our person big on blood magic and like the armor though the weapons suck draconic evolution is my second option when I want OP defense over flexibility.

Personally I would love a nice tech world but with good replacements for tinker's constructs, applied energetics, and big reactors. Just for some variety I fall back on those far to often. Enviromental tech is a cool replacement for miners and power but requires something like AE for storage of all the random crap you will get (I don't want 10 stacks 30 types of leaves I'm only running that machine for the crystals to upgrade the others)