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I played it a couple months ago (it works with wine on Linux). A dozen EU Multiplayer servers were still constantly full. There were even some for the Vietnam Expansion. The game holds up well, despite some wonky things, like the knife. No unnecessary bullshit like in the new games, just straight up good 'ol battlefield.

The day this game goes offline officially, will be a dark one indeed. This is a real game right here.

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Love the campaign, the weapons, sound effects, destructible buildings, funny characters, ect. Was like a breath of fresh air when the shooter community was all about Call of Duty when it released.

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Difficult combat, whitty team members, immersive environments...

No lootboxes...

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The Best BF ever released IMO, and looking back over my last 10 years of gaming, definitely the one that stirs the most nostalgia.

Why couldn't DICE work on a BFBCIII instead of this BFV bullshit they're going to release.

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Was the best in its genre that year and was well refined, but I still missed playing massive BF1942 games, that was still the top for me.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=FbCTCVwh6i0&feature=youtu.be :

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Why was it so good? - YouTube

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