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i don't get it.

[–] EarthBoun41 [S] 1 points 17 points (+18|-1) ago  (edited ago)

We wanted Amazing Dungeons & got shitty copy/paste Shrines instead, which makes BoTW the ultimate disappointment

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I've heard nothing but praise for it. It even looks fun.

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Real life has better loot.

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I guess. Only played the original Zelda, but I played the last two Tomb Raiders. While amazing, I felt the "tombs" sucked.

Meanwhile I have resorted to playing assholes in chess that know they are defeated and just let the time run out to piss me off. Only 2:46 before I win (after waiting for over 11 minutes). Lichess used to have a timeout where you can claim a win if they take too long between moves. They removed it for assholes.

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It's a Zelda game. Did you expect it to be anything other then complete dog shit? Lol

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zelda games all have an (restricted) open world, where exploration is rewarded, with many temples that include many fun puzzles

zelda: breath of the wild had a massive open world, where exploration is not really rewarded, with not a lot of (real) temples that did not include many fun puzzles.

So on the topleft you see a massive open world, with a big classic temple, on the bottomleft you see that exploration has a big reward. While on the right you see breath of the wild: (topright) a massive open world without a big classic temple but a small mini temple, and (bottomright) exploration does not give big rewards.

I still enjoyed this game a lot though! It brought Zelda in to the 21st century, but it lost a little bit of the 20th century charm.

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Severely missing multi level dungeons. The Divine beasts we're weak. Absolutely loved the open world.

[–] EarthBoun41 [S] 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

This, would also like to add onto this by saying that the lack of memorable music really killed most of my immersion. Like it's insane how much better this game would have been if they didn't abandoned most of the Traditional Zelda aspects. Because you can see the foundation for such an amazing game, like if you combined literally any other Zelda with this one it's instantly the Best Game Of All Time.

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I always say it's was a good game, it just wasn't a good zelda game, because it simply wasn't really a zelda game. sure, it had link and zelda and swords and shit, but like you said, it was missing Tradional Zelda gameplay aspects.

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No its normal

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Same thing but with The Phantom Pain open maps...

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From the perspective of somebody who played well over a hundred hours and loved the game :

Linels are the worst.

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breath of the wild is a gigantic allmost empty sandbox with about 2 hours worth of mechanics to mess around with its not just a bad zelda game, its probably the worst sandbox game iv ever seen

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What is this game?

[–] Laurentius_the_pyro 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

A Zelda game, presumably Breath of the Wild.

[–] XT3952XTZ 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Thanks, buddy

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Going off some of the dev interviews about its development hurdles i can see them having had to choose between achieving a fully polished open worldness or inserting full fledged dungeons into a halfassed overworld , the mini dungeons do feel like a slapped on fix but seeing that this was their first try at such a large scale ill give them a pass. Its something that i loved about the elder scrolls games, you wonder around and go into a cave and end up spending hours completing/traversing the inner dungeons and what nots, something i hope nintendo can achieve in their next zelda.

That being said, i would not mind them going back to a more traditional design, less open world and more of a concentrated experience with lengthy dungeons.

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