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I used to play them but then they just went for complexity over fun. I get that sewers are needed but if they are needed for every single building or plot just up the cost of the plot instead of making me do a separate spend for every tile that makes them useless without. It never made sense to me that some homes outside of town had to have sewer or wouldn't be used like the septic system hadn't been invented yet. I'm fine with needing sewage plants and trash service or buses that add something it was complexity for the sake of complexity or just adding steps to putting things down that stopped me playing them in the past.

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Try Rimworld if you enjoy building up colonies.

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Yes, been playing Sim City 4 and other games like it, since I was 6 years old. Every year, I go through a phase for 2 weeks where I play Anno 1404, Sim City 4 or City Skylines. I'm waiting patiently for Factorio to be finished up.

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Really enjoy the game Banished on steam. Very relaxing city builder with a Mideval theme

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I like war, not building cities during peacetime.

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I'm more into base building ala Evil Genius and Dungeon Keeper. Beyond playing a bunch of War for the Overworld, which has been criminally underpriced pretty much ever since a few months past release. And, waiting for Rebellion to finally release any details on the unknown that is Evil Genius 2. I don't know what to do with myself.

All base building games out there are hot garbage, with shit graphics, bugs out the ass, and crap gameplay. Terrible music too.