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Seriously though, Solidus was the good guy. Snake was trying to prevent a nuke attack on civillians (he didn't know that the EMP & independence from The Patriots was the goal), and Raiden was sent in by The Patriots to ensure President “Huge” Johnson couldn't reconfirm his biometrics thereby preventing the nuclear launch.

Ocelot wanted to destroy the Patriots, too. However, the Sons of Liberty uprising was just a test by Ocelot to probe the responses from The Patriots in preparation for Liquid Ocelot's rebellion, which required SoP to fully come online.

The opportuniy to destabilize GW and hide a cluster in its protected memory would present itself during the Sons of Liberty uprising, compromising SoP before it could fully come online.

This was so he could destroy The Patriots, eliminate the concept of the nation-state, return the world the zero, and then let the world be, allowing the fullness of battle to determine the natural and proper fate of Humanity.

Tl;dr: Solid didn't have all the facts, Raiden was actually supposed to ensure Johnson's death, Ocelot used Solidus to progress his own nascent rebellion so he could see the world his mother (The Boss) wanted.


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