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I don't know anything about Firewatch, but it is absolutely not true that wildfires aren't stopped with more fires. They do that all the time. Firefighters will burn a section on purpose so that when the wildfire reaches it, there's nothing there for it to consume and continue spreading.

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That's what they call a back blaze. It's really the only effective way to contain a wildfire.

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In addition to back burns, heavy brush/growth is intentionally burned called prescribed fires, all over the U.S. This is to prevent out of control blazes from sparking from a lightning strike etc but also for restoring the habitat. They do this several miles from me in a wetlands park that I live near.

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Not only that. . . But, some fires are put out with explosions.

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You mean lots of little ones is better to contain one big one? WTF?

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Backburn and controlled fires get out of control all the time.

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Good guy with a gun is only way to stop bad guy with a gun

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Or we could just stop importing violent savages to the US. We wouldn't even need a good guy with a gun if we lived in a homogeneous white society.

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Just keep sending good guys with knives until the bad guys run out of ammo.

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If I may quote you...

Good guy with a ( knife / water balloon, pepper spray, sword, happy thoughts...)

You are right NOTHING else seems to work with that sentence.

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Here in N Carolina we do controlled burns to prevent wildfires.

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Came here to post this. Scorched earth doesn't spread the fire.

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Never heard of the phrase "fighting fire with fire" I guess.

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Because they are dumb kids who don't know shit and aren't even exceptional in any way except that they 'survived' a school shooting.

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'survived' a school shooting

Even should be called "school shooting"... So many are false flags and the children were never in any real danger

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Fight fire with bombs!

In other words; you can fight gun violence by supplying tanks to everybody.

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Funny thing is Fire is actually the most effective way to contain a forest fire.

just like good guys with guns are the most effective way to contain bad guys with guns.

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It's almost as if these two are just dumb teenagers who don't know shit about reality.

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Firewatch SUCKED

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walking simulator with a weak story and no gameplay by a cucked company

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Even if the game was 10/10, I wouldn't give a cent to any SJW company.

On the other hand, even if a game wasn't that good, if the company that made it is politically wrong, I might buy it.

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It did, and could have been decent if they didn't rewrite the game to appease the SJWs.

I've basically figured out what the ending was supposed to be, and it would have been pretty awesome.

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Because I'll never play it, care to share what it should have been?

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could have been decent

I only had interest in it because I loved the color palette on their promotional material. That’s basically all that modern games are worth anymore–barely decent visuals, great lighting, and often phenomenal music wasted on either a non-game or kike propaganda.

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The science lab and all that secret shit?

Yeah glad that went absolutely fucking nowhere.

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And oil well fires with BOMBS!

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Setting controlled back fires is one of the most effective fire fighting techniques on the planet....

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Wrong on all accounts.

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That turdmuffin clearly has never heard of backburning then. In Australia we certainly light more fires to stop/prevent others... people have done this for centuries... The aboriginals did it for a thousand years before us.

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