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Hm.. Interesting. I thought Animal Crossing New Leaf was directed by a female. I know whenever they show AC or talk about it, they have a lady doing the presenting, explaining the mechanics, and talking about the future of the franchise. I wonder if his departure has been known for a while, and they kept him on long enough to transfer over to his replacement. Nintendo is still ran very much on the old culture of 'honor and respect, from what I gather.

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If they were running on hone and respect they would not be sicking legal on every fan project, after it is finished not with it goes public. The honorable and respectful thing would be to either leave them alone or feature the project as dirt cheap advertising for your franchise, or to send notice to stop work as soon as you are notified of it not after they sink hundreds of hours into refining it.

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"Honor and respect" if you're an employee maybe. But for anyone else, they've become the Fun Police.

They hate fan projects and the people who make them almost as much as leftists hate Trump. And they seem to hate the players of certain franchises as well.

Perfect example, AM2R. Small team works on this game for TEN YEARS, painstakingly working on a game they can be proud of. It's better than Metroid 2 by any metric you care to look at. It was made with love and dedication. When it's released, it's the first Metroid game of ANY KIND (official or otherwise) in a decade. It takes the best elements from Zero Mission, Super Metroid, Metroid 2, etc. and combines them into a polished work that essentially replaces the GB Metroid 2, because it's that much better.

Does Nintendo say "thank you" and bring the team onboard, making AM2R an official remake, and sell it on multiple platforms to rake in untold amounts of cash? Nope. They wait until after it's finished, then hits them with a C&D.

This is the same year as the 30th anniversary of the Metroid franchise. What does Nintendo release that year? Federation Force....quite possibly the worst Metroid game ever. In fact, it's pretty much an SD-styled action game with a Metroid skin on it. It would be like getting Link's Crossbow Training as a 30th anniversary release for the Zelda series. That much of a "fuck you." They could have pulled a Capcom and make a fan work an official title, and people would have thrown money at them left and right. It would have been an easy win for everyone involved. But they decided to get pissy because they didn't make it themselves.

The following year, they shit out their own M2 remake with Samus Returns. Think Cave Story with Metroid styling, jaggy graphics, and for some unfathomable reason, fucking melee counters.....in a Metroid game....

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Nintendo is still ran very much on the old culture of 'honor and respect

Like how they sue Shouzou Kaga, the creator of Fire Emblem, for making a Fire Emblem-like game after leaving Nintendo?

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lolno, nintendo acts as if its part of the yakuza

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