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Maine Coon is a type of cat. They are the grey fluffy cats which are typically mild-tempered, sleep like Kings and like to be petted/scratched.

I would prefer a Maine Coon over a nigger any day.

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QUOTE : What's next? We wipe raccoons off the planet in a bid to be more sensitive to people offended by...what? The inclusion of a syllable in a word where the consecutive letters happen to be "c-o-o-n"?!

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True. Didn't we start boycotting Blizzard a few months ago? I thought they'd already been infected with libtardism.

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Don't forget pinecoons, popcoon, and coon-on-the-cob.

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I do not like cats but they are beautiful cats

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Fuck Wow... on behalf of My Past-Away Fat Buddy-Gizmo (Maine Coon diabetic...weight related)

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Blizzard are fags.

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Someone should be ashamed of themselves, starting with any stupid asshole who is offended by the actual name of the cat, and ending with the stupider asshole who gave into him.

"Who is more foolish? The fool? Or the fool who follows him?" ~ Obi-Wan

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I once made a joke that I saw coons dash across the road. It was pretty rare actually since wildlife tends to stay hidden somewhat, so having a few dash across the road was kinda cool.

I didn't know coon was derogatory for black person then so the people at my work just criticized me about it and looked at me weird.

Like come on, how many animals can you not say because it's too offensive to say them. Ugh.

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Must.....refuse.....bad joke......about friend.....

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Calling a nigger a “coon” is worse than calling them “nigger”. Don’t ask why.


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That's an insult to raccoons to say they're even close to a nigger. Raccoons are smart.

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A coon is a coon. I refuse to associate raccoons and black people.

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Whaddaya feel like doin tonight, cooter?


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the coon was portrayed as a lazy, easily frightened, chronically idle, inarticulate, buffoon


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Because the stereotype is very accurate.

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Cats are mostly worthless, but suddenly I want a overpriced, high maintenance furball.

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"whatever that means"

If you think that'll make us think you don't know what it means, then you're retarded.

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