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I fully support this. Niggers that get themselves shot are the solution.

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Someone should tell them all that the best way to make money is to rob banks like they did in the wild wild west.

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Someone might produce thousands of extremely cheap 3d printed single use guns and disperse them in certain areas. Then wait. Probably the guns should also be bio-degradable, so that they disintegrate on their own after a certain period of time, so as not to be used outside the designated area of operation in significant numbers in the future.

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And all the nigger replies are in support of him. It really is time to fire up the ovens

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If this becomes the norm to them... Ovens won't even be necessary, if there's nobody to stop them, they'll end up offing themselves out of sheer stupidity, obvious

This is dumber than dumb, it's so dumb it's surreal


If they haven't genocided themselves out of existence already, in places like baltimore or chicago, it's only because the system prevents them from doing so, with various assistance programs, cops doing their job or at least trying at a minimum, same for hospitals

Remove any barrier and social net and it's the end of the niggers in about two weeks, clearly

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The system does. They would have all killed each other or starved otherwise.

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The problem is that he is probably a father of 5. 3 of which are girls that will be knocked up by the time they are 14...

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That and the wonders of medical technology, he apparently survived. Thanks to that we can keep worthless, dangerous niggers alive for no reason at all. For only the low low price of thousands of tax dollars.

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Ovens are for kikes, nooses are for niggers.

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I'll never forget you, Anon voat poet.

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porque no dos

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Ovens are so 1940's. Time to release the black bioweapons.

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Isn't that AIDS

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Can someone meme this as a thing? "Who can make the best livestream of themselves getting shot by cops?"

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skreet challenge

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Getting shot and reacting like it's a joke? What kind of drug works like that?

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Niggers are like pit bulls bullets don't faze them unless you put on in their head

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Fake shit.

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Sadly, no

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Oh well, he won't be missed, good riddance.

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He's fine, dude. The prick is recovering in a hospital, doped up on morphine, happy as can be. All at your expense, of course. How does it feel to know our tax dollars are going to keep this animal alive?

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wow advanced free market managed to make a device so easy to use a nigger could livestream with it

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"He better call Lester"

Replies are too funny.

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