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If you only knew.


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freshfucks comment reminds me of my friends comments about minecraft when I first got it. I moved from codmw2 to minecraft at the time and my friend was dumbfounded at why would I play such a stupid game. For two days he mocked me until I managed to convince him to try it. Nigga didnt want to stop playing it for a while.

My mmo poison was Dekaron/2moons. Downloaded it recently but the game switched too many owners and became a p2w, you are a little fly if you dont donate and new (better) gear is released every week and only way to stay competitive is to donate every month over 300 euros. Pservers have become a "max lvl in 2 days now grind for gear!". Part of me wants to relive those days but I know it is not possible because it is not the same at all. Also the game is full of pinoy kids who pk you to get your spot and when they get wrecked they bring their OP friends. It isnt that awful since majority of them play in pc clubs or some shit and their gaming is limited by how much they pay.


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Was that the game where magic came from vaginas? All the casters were female, all the warrior types were male? I think I played it for all of 2 days.


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Eh. I played at launch, gave it six months or so, then uninstalled that pile of shit and walked.