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I am 7 years clean, I ain't going back.

Been lucky in my life. All the super cool kids who wiped their Ironman earth 1998 playthrough by getting into black tar heroin. It made me finely attune and realize 'Everquest' was just another Dopamine reward. So I made a rule never to play a game with no ending. So theoretically I could have played all the side quests in WOW but only until I got into the highest character level brackets.

Grinding for gear might as well be sucking disk for crack.

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I want to say one of my first gaming red pills, if those exist, was realizing that they gate and limit frequency of content so that you keep paying monthly. That was shortly before I pulled the plug the umpteenth time.

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To get deep - it is trivial to schedule a players dopamine rewards.

For me certain games can use every spare moment and then moments I shouldn't consider spare.

So if there is any p2w component then no.

If there is no human opponent or story then no.

If there is no ending or no 'territorial' or 'strategic' win in an interval of time - that I choose - then, no.

So the only game which really offers me all that complexity is IRL. But I played up to level 20 + 40 in SWTOR and that was fun. PlanetSide is fun but I need a windows machine so ....

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There's an achievement for completing all the quests... I have that... it was YEARS of work... not sorry even though I haven't played in 2 years.

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Some people Surf to Zen Out. Others play a few rounds of golf, or take biannual backpacking trips.

Some people ROFLSTOMP hordes of spawns and Kek with their bro nies.

Some people eat a bunch of oxys and crash daddy's Porsche. You know, basically we are all the same.

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Just know that you can brag to other old people about those points down the road. It will be the new figurines that one south park episode last season was about.

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It took years because you suck. Loremaster is not that hard unless you have ADHD or some other made up trash

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Achievements ruined games.

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i played that staw wars universe thing for a couple of years but it was never the clusterfuck of sheer retarded fantasty that WoW seemed to be. Never played that one, never wanted to. Last Blizz game i actually enjoyed was Warcraft II - it all went massively down fucking hill after that.

Hell i can still remember playing the original warcraft.

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So fucking hilarious how you WoW cucks always talk about not playing the game like it's an AA meeting or some shit.

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If you only knew.

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freshfucks comment reminds me of my friends comments about minecraft when I first got it. I moved from codmw2 to minecraft at the time and my friend was dumbfounded at why would I play such a stupid game. For two days he mocked me until I managed to convince him to try it. Nigga didnt want to stop playing it for a while.

My mmo poison was Dekaron/2moons. Downloaded it recently but the game switched too many owners and became a p2w, you are a little fly if you dont donate and new (better) gear is released every week and only way to stay competitive is to donate every month over 300 euros. Pservers have become a "max lvl in 2 days now grind for gear!". Part of me wants to relive those days but I know it is not possible because it is not the same at all. Also the game is full of pinoy kids who pk you to get your spot and when they get wrecked they bring their OP friends. It isnt that awful since majority of them play in pc clubs or some shit and their gaming is limited by how much they pay.

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Eh. I played at launch, gave it six months or so, then uninstalled that pile of shit and walked.

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I had a friend who played, and he would always joke about the discs having crack on them. From the way they react when called out on how much time they spent on it (think 18 hours each day for days), it really is like a freaking addiction.

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It was ruined with patch 2.0.0

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Yup, this is the truth. Went from a cohesive world that truly felt incredible to something absurd. It started to die as soon as they released screens of the first green quest rewards from the expansion and they were roughly equivalent to Naxxramas epics.

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increasing the level cap means mobs have higher stats, which means your gear needs higher stats to offer the same level of challenge. dont be a brainlet

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Seperate gear for pve/pvp

Removal of 40 man raids

Flying mounts

That bland main city hub

I haven't played in years but today I downloaded a private vanilla server. I couldnt log in though and realized I have all these other games to play. Thank god.

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When nostalrius first came out I had thought maybe I was just too old to still enjoy mmos but nostalrius totally sucked me back in, so it's the live warcraff that sucks now and not being old. In nostalrius I was like I know this server is going to be shut down but I don't care.

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While I view BC as their best xpac, I agree. This is a video I absolutely loved around then, I am sure you have seen it though if you ever let your life be hijacked at gunpoint to the balls by wow:


It is better than the leeroy Jenkins video to me only because I have only watched it half as much but omg hilarious!

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I don't smoke or wow anymore. Sometimes I want to tank an LBRS key run just as badly as sometimes I want a cigarette.

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Omg I haven't seen this is yeeeears!!! Thanks for that hahaha!! Aldor 4eva ya'll.

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Haven't you heard, they are bringing back vanilla

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Interesting, I remember around later 2000 when world chat went from game or sometimes anti war but pro soldier balanced talk, To becoming every flavor of leftist shittalk in every single mmo I played. Even the ones I went back to had changed.

Lotro, wow, gw, gw2. By 2012 swtor was full blue pill. Couldn't say simplest thing or even reply reasonably without being avalanched by blue pill zombies.

Glad and not totally surprised its changed. Pendulums swing. Once one side gets easily made to look fools, all but most hardcore go silent or side with the oppo.

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Yeah it always goes back to the damn shapeshifters

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It's really the fucking fault of mods. If they start slapping out bans for heated language when redpills are spoken, but ignoring any violations when blue pills are, it shifts what people will talk about.

See for example, Path of Exile general chat. The devs are freaking awesome in that they won't be little bitches about language or trolling. Thus, you see funny conversations and lots of redpills.

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Good point. I've wanted to play path of exile but last I checked no controller support. I sofa/pc game now.

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What kind of weak ass bitch let's video games ruin their life?

Play the game when it is time, do other shit when it's time for other shit.

You fuckin all sound like fat asses claiming diets don't work.

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I tried the game once, really don't see the draw that everyone finds so addicting.

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The first hit of crack won't get you addicted. But once the habit is formed, you're fucked.

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I was a WoW addict many years ago, followed by some intense D3, where I sold gear for real money (redeemable by purchasing blizzard stuff), I quit all blizzard stuff cold turkey. I had $50 sitting there for years, and about 4 months ago I redeemed it for WoW subscription, however far $50 got me. I needed blizzard tech support to help find my characters. Fuck it was boring. When I found a group, shit was steamrolled so fast it was completely unenjoyable. Played each of my 4 level 80s up a few levels and the money dried up. What a waste of time. I'd rather play Everquest again.

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I played it a little back in the day, but I got frustrated real quick about how it doesn't reward skill, it just rewards time spent playing. I managed to get into it a little despite that but then they came out with an expansion. The fact that they wanted me to pay for the expansion in addition to paying the monthly fee was too much so I quit. I was so offended that they wanted like $40 a month then wanted to charge $70 on top of it for the expansion. It waa the first or second one, something about level 70 characters, burning crusades I think.

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