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That was the 83rd comic of that series. Here it is starting from the first one. I'd recommend it.

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Looks good!

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You know there are a ton of stupid people with a ton of stupid money to give away on stupid things.

I don't know why someone doesn't take advantage of this stupidity and actually sell a "button" that lets you win, instantly. Charge a stupid amount of money for it, so only the stupidest buy it. And of course, it does only what it says. You instantly win. Game Over. Achievement Unlocked. Program Closes. Windows asks to shut down. PSU starts shooting out sparks. Mouse and Keyboard melt. Pixels in the monitor start burning out. Sound Card goes silent.

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Because that's bad business.

You want to keep them burning money on meager shit for your barebones "game" so that they can have an advantage over the peasants that can't/won't spend money, or at least have something to brag about when there isn't a directly competitive aspect in the game.

There is an art behind this, my friend. If you give away too much, people won't spend money. If you give too little, people without money won't even bother playing, meaning that those that would spend won't bother playing in a game with no users.

This shit at least make sense for free games, since, well, they are free. But for crap you payed? Unacceptable.

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I guess I was just thinking about those whales that spent $9,999 on an app that did nothing but allow you to install the app to prove to can afford to waste $9,999.

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fuck... I wish my soundcard didn't click so loudly every time it changes output or turns on..

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I'm so glad that gwtbw was revived. Truly an underrated piece of work. Highly recommended.

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Agreed. I've been checking up on it once a month for the last ten years or so. Glad to have it back.

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I remember stumbling upon it late one night a long long time ago and reading it all in one sitting. Shit was so cache.

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I remember this comic from way back when, always loved it but it updated so rarely.

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I wish he had kept making these. I never liked the new direction it took after it went hybrid. And I fucking loved his painting style. It was so simple, consistent, and apocalyptic.

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The art style somewhat reminds me of Romantically Apocalyptic. Damn, it need to look up that webcomic again.

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