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"We're not pulling support because it is offensive, just that it might kinda maybe be offensive, and we wanted to hold them hostage for a confession anyway."

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Overly sensitive these days, aren't they?

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I get the feeling they're just mad because the grave says games journalism and they are games journalists. Then they have to come up with excuses.

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I didn't even know what VG24/7 was until now. I'm definitively avoiding them now.

And I'll keep buying all my games on GOG. DRM sucks

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I get all my steam keys off g2a because some sorry asshole paid full price and zi get the discount which is basically steam's revenue percentage.

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"And I'll keep buying all my games on GOG."

I'll just leave this here...

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hate group GamerGate, which itself has been proven to lead to radicalism and even murder.

Lmao what now?! So calling out corrupt game journalists makes you a violent, radical hate group now... (but also Postal 2 is ok)

I wasted my time reading the article they linked that supposedly shows how gamergate makes people violent.

The title implies it's about an "alt-right/gamergate" guy who stabbed his father to death. However the article also points out that the guy never had a life to begin with, dropped out of college and "dabbled in Islam, in Marxism, in street gangs, in party drugs, in Occupy, in clothing design. He even went through a phase of supporting al-Qaeda, multiple friends say. None of it stuck."

Really? None of that is a problem that may have lead to him killing his father? The guy was clearly schizophrenic in his views and had mental issues. When BLM, gangs, Muslims, antifa or deranged leftists kill someone it's obviously due to "opression" and how those poor mentally ill people didn't get help, but that kind of thing only gets a side note when someone is "right wing". Then apparently it's all about the evil ideology and how it makes people murderous.

Before the murder he supposedly called his parents "leftist pedophiles" which again all the right-wing conspiracies are supposedly to blame for... The guy is a piece of shit, but what if that part is true... who knows? That whole story has a lot going on, but it does not even in the slightest add validity to the claim that "gamergate makes people murderous".

If anything, the whole story shows why it's important to leave your parent's basement and grow the fuck up. Also why it's important to hide your power level around family and carefully red pill them and know their limits. Even if you can never convince them fully, you will shift their views and like normal people get over your differences. I have a family member who is a raving anti-trump lunatic, but the other day they half-jokingly told me how the world would be a better place, if we just glassed the entire middle east, including Israel. They are your family and you are not truly right wing, if you can't respect your parents, especially, if you are living in their house. The parents on the other hand have to accept that their son is an autistic shitstain and should have kicked him out, the minute he started acting up.

Conclusion: This retarded VG247 website is so dumb that it even discredits itself. This is why gamergate is a thing. Another day, another "games journalist" who is smearing gamergate. And yea, some people who are with gamergate use dirty tactics too, but the movement in general tries to be clean. These "game journalism" sites are just as dirty and dishonest at times, except they also pretend to be a holier than thou beacon of truth. Lying hypocrite scum.

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Yes you see they put the seed of fear and doubt into the unknowing stupid masses who fear to even question why every one slows down going up a hill well driving (you must give it more gas fucking retard) so these unknowing retards see this and go no further, don't ask questions, the truth would rip their fake world apart.

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This is what happens when jews get into the gaming world.

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the gif can be interpreted as

Feels over reals!

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To the hosts file!

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Journalism has been infiltrated and overrun like every other sector of society--like cancer.

Why would video games be any different?

Also explain to me why we need god-damn video game journalists? How are they even 'real' journalists. They're writing about bits of code, thats it.

Kill all the critics.

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If I wasn't already a (very) good customer of gog.com, I would be now.

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What if I told you that GoG speedily deleted the offending tweet and apoligized with its tail between its legs like a mangy dog?

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To be fair, CDProject (was it just them or CDP RED) has had some unfortunate comments before re. this whole sjw gaming thing so it wouldn't surprise me. But you win by winning and I'll put my money on the lesser evil if given a choice.

Your point is well taken, though.

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And my "alternative" is to spend money on Valve's Steam(ing piece of shit) platform for things I don't own? Never mind the other worthless shit they've done that hurts paying customers.

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Yep. They completely cucked.

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GOG cucked out and deleted the tweet while condemning GG.

they're faggots who immediately backpedaled the second they were accused of anything by pedophile Marxist yellow-journalists.

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They just want money from left, right, and everybody.

The best business strategy for GOG, Steam, and every other company is to keep their political ideology ambiguous so everybody buys their product. Companies that supports any political agenda is not making sense economically speaking, yet some still do it because the loss of sales is covered by donations from Open Society Foundation or other globalist funds. Even small shit like Starbucks CEO supporting faggotry is making them lose sales in conservative areas and that kind of thing does not really make sense unless globalist investors make up for the loss of sales.

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