[–] cool_and_froody 2 points 8 points (+10|-2) ago 

start by slapping yourself. mass effect is trash.

[–] Solstiare 3 points 3 points (+6|-3) ago 

Mass Effect 3 is, the first two are not.

[–] Laurentius_the_pyro 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago 

No, The godawful shit writing started in ME2 and only got worse in ME3, ME1 was alright but nothing special.

[–] CuriosityOnFire [S] 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

how so? all I know is there's choices and galactic plots

[–] Laurentius_the_pyro 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Don't forget the kindergarten-tier writing.

[–] TheKobold 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

Buy the game insert it into you platform of choice and hit start.

[–] CuriosityOnFire [S] 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

is the story released in chronological order?

[–] Laurentius_the_pyro 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago  (edited ago)

They're in chronological order of 1-3, Andromeda is in a weird place chronologically and doesn't really fit into the timeline.

This ultimately doesn't matter as each game is more disgustingly terrible than the last and should all be avoided.

[–] Troll 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

You should start with a better game.

[–] Merlynn 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Why would you want to get into a series that's dead? It wasn't even that good. It was just popular.

[–] Xantha 3 points 3 points (+6|-3) ago 

Start with ME1, then ME2, and ME3. I didn't play ME:Andromeda since I saw the dev was an SJW asshat. Apparently it was a pretty awful game, big surprise there /s.

The ME3 is fine, its really the ending that ruined it for most people, because it ignored all the choices you made over the games and was basically choose the color of your skittle-- kind of ending. Except all the endings you can choose are just about equally bad. I didn't have any major gripes about it otherwise compared to the first two. All of them are still worth playing (minus Andromeda), playing them in order is the best way if you've never played through the series.

[–] Captian_Awesome 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

I agree with almost everything you said. Side notes; pick up all the DLC. Every bit of it is excellent.

What i disagree with:

ME3 was great. It was dark, depressing, and fucking great.


Ignore the multi spectrial endings, and shoot the kid.

It frames the series. Too little, too late. The reapers are going to reap. Its what they do. We did our best with our brightest, and as the new kids on the block, we made the greatest advancements against the reapers. Sadly, it wasn't enough for our cycle. Because of the socital advances and the interpersonal relationships the Shepherd fostered, that the reapings stop after our cycle. The cycle after ours is free to grow in the shadow of the greatest civilization any cycle has ever seen, and who knows, maybe after the Andromeda cuckup, humanity returns to the milkyway to reclaim our place at the top. Ultimately, we win, though the cost was immeasurable, it was worth every soul to stop the reapers and secure a future for those who came after us.

[–] Laurentius_the_pyro 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Rethink whatever decision made you want to play a bioware game.

[–] Eualos 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Just play the first two, do not give them any money for Andromeda for God's sake

[–] CuriosityOnFire [S] 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Aigh matte

[–] Eualos 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

They were both super fun from what I can remember

[–] Diathorus 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

The 1st one if you are serious. I would still recommend it but be warned that while the second declines and is not THAT bad the 3rd is. Especially the ending.

Don't get emotionally invested in the story past the 1st game if you still plan to continue.

[–] CuriosityOnFire [S] 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Shit I might catch a oneitis with the game

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