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I don't like how cavalier this guy is when it comes to condemning customers that simply don't want to play or see a character that has turned into a dike. It's just some sympathetic reinforcement of the of the Dev's dismissal of 'bigots.' I want to play a sequel to Last Of Us, but I my desire to not play some gay-bullshit is stronger.


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Fuck him.

Last of Us is shit.

If only we let the Japanese (or some other based "patriarchy") wrote that shit. The ending would be a happy ending where Ellie has children with Joel.

I'm sick of where the western culture is heading. Games no longer cater to the traditional straight lightskinned male gamers.


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Well, I agree, but I did enjoy the first game. It is important to point out I did not play the DLC, Last of Us:The Ballad of Gay Ellie.


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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=sZwYCgNkmFY :

The Naughty Dog "Agenda" - An Honest, Open Conversation - YouTube

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