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The problem with game controls are almost all controls today are through a Universal Serial Bus. That is a big delay especially when a lot of stuff is going on. There are just not enough machine cycles to encode and decode the input/output of a serialize. I wonder how the controlling would be through the old Keyboard and mouse ports that were on the old mother boards. I think the input would be a lot faster and there fore a lot more precise. Another problem is the small size of today's keyboards. The W A D S motion keys are too closely placed for those of us with big fingers or may have old finger injuries from hitting too many hard jaws. Then to control the speed of the horse with a left shift key is not that easy. All I know is I have played Skyrim and now am playing Kingdom Come Deliverance with an old IBM direct attach key board from an old IBM AT I used to have. (I love that key board and will really have a emotional event when it goes tits up.)

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If that keyboard dies it will be an extra event when you look at replacement prices they are stupid for some of the models, That said you could beat a robber to death with them then use them to type up an email to your lawyer assuming no teeth were stuck between the keys.

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Dated with clunky controls? Referencing a movie that for anyone under 36 the movie is older then them. And sorry to everyone that praises witcher 3 but i played a short amount on the PC and controlling the horse was horrible, nice it would follow roads but actually controlling it and considering it as a main way of getting around was where I called the game done. Others have told me in the past the controls are better with a controller but bad controls on the default for that system isn't acceptable.

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How long did you play Witcher 3 for? I ask because controlling the horse was pretty bad when it first came out but they made the horse a lot more responsive with patches.

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0.8 hours according to steam. That said the game came out in may of 2015 I picked it up in November of 2016 as the game of the year edition for $30. Poor controls is a very fast turn off for me, it kills any fun and fun it the only reason I play games. To many to pick from to not be having fun with them.

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It sounds like a lot of fun

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Probably the only game I'm looking forward to from one of two developers I respect. (the other being warhorse studios)