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Blame the dumb fucks who keep giving $$$ to Ubishit.

I'm sick of all these gamers complaining, nobody is forcing you to give money to Ubishit.

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Come on Ubisoft gets some things right I mean there was For Honor... no wait let me try again Far Cry Primal no that was lazy ass map work... I know I've got it I'll just go back in time a bit Assassin's creed 2 great game, oh it was an always online single player game that triggered a massive community backlash to drm. Maybe you are right and I have done a completely inept job or countering your point.

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https://archive.fo/Q85qW :

For a game that promised no microtransactions, The Division sure does have a lot of microtransactions - VG247

'Premium Credits are bought in increments of 500 (£3.99), 1050 (£7.99), 2400 (£15.99), 4600 (£28.79) and 7200 (£39.99). '

'You cannot spend a little bit of money and fast-track to get better gear or pay to win or vanity items.”The Division certainly does have vanity items for sale. '

'The price of Premium Vendor items is ridiculous.“The short answer is no, we don’t have microtransactions, period” – Magnus Jansen, creative director, The Division, Jan 2016The Division now features a new vendor selling “premium” vanity items for as much as £8 and players are pissed. '

'But now a year on from release, there’s a dedicated section of the map for buying multiple vanity items and the prices aren’t cheap. '

'With all announced DLC now out and accounted for, it seems Ubisoft has trampled all over that promise of no microtransactions. '

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To be fair they also promised a lunch date of a working game on march 8th.

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They're selling that shit for as much as a real physical clothing item costs.

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Have to get money from somewhere because the sure took a sales hit with the launch they did.

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With Jews, you lose.