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Didn't think anyone else on this site watched Tim pool. I figured he would be too left leaning for anyone else on here.

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I can read, so I don't need him.

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need proofs of reading skills, or they didn't happen.

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Ya know, if you don't want feedback because it's "your personal account", you can always make it a protected account. Heck, you can simply not respond to the disagreement. But she did neither of those things, and proceeded to be a jackass.

Pool is completely right when it comes to professionalism in consumer-based industries. Even if the customer is acting like a jackass (which Deroir was not), it's up to the employee to act like the bigger person.

This firing was completely justified, and the fact that people are saying she's the victim is disappointing, but unsurprising.

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Yeah its kind of depressing thinking about the shear amount of fucking idiots in the world. While the discussion should be around whether or not GW2 should have fired the person over their poor public relations on social media, not about this stupid bitch being offended and why men cant disagree with a women. Thats insane, women are not of a higher class than men.

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What do you expect from a group of loons indoctrinated with "everything is straight white men's fault."

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Feminists response just as predictable and boring as everything she wrote.

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Glad the white knight got canned too. Sick and tired of those fucking losers. They're just as big a part of the problem as the feminists.

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White knight SJW is probably a bigger problem because they are the ones letting feminism go out of control in the first place.

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Guild Wars always sucked, though.

I can’t even say how many games I got roped into trying, hoping they would finally fucking kill WoW. I WANTED GW2 to be playable, I really did. The only other thing that was even kind of fun was TERA, but it wore off quick and the grind was horrible.

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I heard alot of people quit when they did mass banning of some cooking "exploit"

[–] Res_Publica 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I don’t think people ought to be banned from games for things the game allows to happen.. aren’t patches a thing?

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What didn’t you like about GW2? Personally I think GW1 was better.

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Maybe it tried to do too much? But the big problem I think I had was “feel,” and I know it’s shitty on my part, but I’m at a loss to explain why it didn’t feel lively to me.

GW1, I was irritated that everything was a private instance except towns in the PVE.

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Played a ton of 1, and a bit of 2 just couldn't get into it. maybe because they completely changed the mesmer and that was my favorite class in 1, a good mesmer could shut down enemy healers and spell casters taking multiple out of the fight. sure they didn't kill things but a healer or mage that isn't healing or doing damage may as well not be there it makes the life of everyone else in the party easier, dps kills fater, healer heals less, tanks have shorter fights to tank.

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Damn that lesbian wont bow down and just take her dicking, shes pulling in feminists to try and defend her.

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Hopefully some normies see this retarded outburst and "wake up"

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Get woke ;)

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She was already an insufferable cunt when she worked for Paizo. I am not surprised.

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