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Inmates in Denmark get internet?? Scandinavian countries are so stupid.

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Yea, the prisons are more like hotels you're not allowed to leave.

So long as you have a White population which adheres to the same social norms it works quite well with very low levels of recidivism.

They allow prisoners access to the internet, TV, metal silverware including butter knives. They're required to spend time each day in group counseling, and weekly one on one visits. The reasoning being that if the prisoners are treated like people they will act like people. But we all known this does not hold true for the other races.

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After been to Egypt, it's better to live in a Danish prison than in the middle east.

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Welcome to the hotel California

You can check in anytime you please but you can never leave

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Ahem, because they are of different species?

I'm tired of all this treating different species will produce the same result theory which is clearly untrue.

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Are you saying that they are actually trying to rehabilitate the inmates? A noble idea, but it won't work for everyone.

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Providing creature comforts probably worked very well for a long time within their ethnically homogenous population as a measure to keep prisoners occupied and maybe somewhat productive. But as Europe gets more and more "culturally enriched", I think they're going to find that the genteel rehabilitation programs that mostly worked for the native population will not work nearly as well for outsiders who do not wish to be rehabilitated and who hold some measure of cultural resentment towards the native population.

Europe has scoffed at the harshness of the US prison system for a long time, but I think they're going to start to have many of the same problems: maybe even worse as the religious extremists they're importing by the millions have a goal of cultural domination in mind whereas the problems the US deals with are not organized in nearly the same manner.

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Europe needs to adapt and reintroduce barbaric cruel and unusual punishment to prevent crimes.

That's the only solution, really.

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Exactly right. The European system has always focused on rehabilitation instead of punishment. And it works okay until you fill the system with third world savages who cannot be rehabilitated because the hate for the West is largely genetic or otherwise installed from birth.

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A recidivism rate of 20% is not stupid. Quite the contrary.

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Tell that to all their moslem replacements.

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It's a fundamental difference in how we treat prisoners. In the US, prison is a punishment. In many EU countries, it is seen as a way to rehabilitate. Rehabilitation can work in monoethnic countries with high IQ citizens, not so much in modern day EU.

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They give their Muslims Play Stations with internet as a reward for raping white women.

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I dunno about you but Islam seems great if you're in Europe.

You can groom white little girls, gang rape her, and the society rewards you with playstations with internet and endless gibs!

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No no no, you don't even go to jail for raping white children, you only go to jail for a few months if you kill some one well isham. They let all others go.

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NO DIP! Bnaish islam from all western countries

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Muslims in jail cells you say?

The only answer is to lock them all up then stalk from cell to cell with a shotgun and kill every last one of them like shooting fish in a barrel.

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Sounds fun!  Like one of those "Wreck Rooms" you can pay to go in and smash shit with a hammer for a couple minutes....but what you said, instead.

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We have plenty of Muslims. I'd pay for people to round them up by the truck load and bring them to the prison.

I'll give group discounts and even throw in free ammo for first time visitors.

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Yep punish all isntead of just the muds, but then again you can never know what white is cucking out to the pedo moon god.

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Nintendo Jihadistation 4 now on sale!

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Wow this is so cool that they had unlimited personal internet access with no supervision or filtering in prison! I've also seen that people get rooms that look like nice apartments with a desk and TV and window looking out at scenic view. You spend your time taking pottery and dancing lessons and college classes.

Maybe all the illegal aliens that commit crimes could be deported to Denmark? Our prisons are not so nice and you get separated from your kids, or whatever kids you have with you. So they could go there and commit crimes and probably be a lot happier?

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Eastern Europe is showing the way


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