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Tl;dr: Dumb bitch sucks at her job so much that an amateur easily shows her up in public (but as politely as possible, fwiw). She rees out at him and insults him instead of admitting that he had a valid point. She gets fired for arguing with the customers.

For anyone else who might think bragging about experience will win you an argument: it won't. It will just make you look even stupider for not knowing your job in spite of all that experience. Also, the customer is always right.


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Every time dumb bitch gets called out, uses the "mansplaining" card to make excuse of her incompetence.

Fucking shitty biased article funded by globalist NGO.


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Sony and Naughty Dog are clearly paying game journo websites like N4G to censor Robin Gaming's video calling out Naughty Dogs SJW agenda. What else is Sony and SJW game studios doing? And is there a secret forums where video game developers go to talk about pushing left ideas in gaming on the dark web? Great. They accuse Gamer Gate of being Nazi's and a intellectual hive mind on the dark web but they are the ones on the dark web hating on gamer's? Projecting leftist hypocrites. Face it after Tsarbomba's video claiming that SJW's use the dark net and discord servers to support ISIS, drug cartels, and Antifa and store and use child porn and traffic humans and even produce snuff films why am i not surprised that SJW's use dark net forums and social media like Palpatine's revenge and psycho social and worse to bash on and hate on gamer's. No wonder they attack gamer's. It's because SJW's do a lot of shit on the dark web. That's where you will find more stuff like a second game journos pro. Sony and Naughty Dog and others like them use the dark net to push leftist SJWism and do bad illegal shit.


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Westerners ruin video game industry.

Sony local execs in Japan are obviously mostly non-sjw libtards. But then they make branch in the west or even hire western PR who bring their libtard culture to poison the company/industry in general which seriously pisses me off.

We need to fight the whole western progressive libtard SJW movement violently and without any kind of restraint. I'm fucking sick of it.


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Get woke, go broke. ArenaNet's going to continue to get my money for firing SJWs.


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Hell yeah.

Good for them.

This Jessica whatever bitch and that cuck coworker who defender her deserve nothing but get gang raped and tortured by a bunch of feral thirdworlders. Fuck SJWs.


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https://archive.fo/nsDXA :

Guild Wars studio fires two employees after Twitter clash with streamer - The Verge

'Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has fired two of its developers, following a disagreement with a streamer on Twitter. '

'Your personal space, your personal social media, is not yours; you are on the clock 100 percent of the time. '

'As a company we always strive to have a collaborative relationship with the Guild Wars community. '

'During a job interview with the company, she had told them she was “loud about these issues on social media and had no intention of shutting up. '

'Don’t expect me to pretend to like you here.” Price was fired shortly after. '

This has been an automated message.


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Here's the full exchange:

Jessica Price:

Since I spent all kinds of time saying it on a Reddit AMA, and I haven't talked about actual game dev on Twitter in a while, here's a thread about writing for the PC character in an MMO.

The dirty secret is I'm not sure if it's possible to make an MMORPG (or CRPG) character compelling, because people have different expectations about what that character will be, as opposed to a pre-designed character in a single-player game.

People booting up Bioshock know they're playing Jack. People starting Dishonored know they're playing Corvo. People beginning Tomb Raider know they're playing Lara Croft. So in those games, you have more wiggle room to make the protagonist an actual character.

Whereas in an RPG, where the player chooses all kinds of character options and names their character and designs their face and so on, they feel more ownership over that character. They're not playing a character YOU designed--they're playing a character THEY designed.

So if Jack or Lara or Corvo says or does something the player doesn't feel that THEY would say or do, the player's more forgiving, because they have the expectation that they're piloting a character someone else created.

N.B. that I'm not talking about overall plot objectives/quests. Players know going in that the game is going to be telling them what to do, and their character is going to do it, and that holds true even when they've "created" the character.

But the interpersonal stuff, the PC's REACTIONS, players respond strongly to. Some people don't like it if they think their character's responding in ways that make them too much of an asshole. Some don't like it if their character's responses seem weak.

So, basically, most things that you'd do writing-wise to give a character, well, CHARACTER, are going to upset a large contingent, maybe even a majority, of your players.

So--I know I've said this before on Twitter, but it's still going to weird people out, but please bear with me--you have to construct your MMO/RPG's PC character's dialogue as if they were Bella Swan from Twilight.

To be clear, I don't think Twilight is good writing. I don't think Bella Swan's a well-constructed book character. And I think people who criticize Twilight for the latter are correct but also missing the reason for Twilight's popularity.

Because Twilight isn't the love story of Bella and Edward. It's the experience of being loved by Edward. Which is why Bella's constructed the way she is.

Bella Swan is a carefully constructed blank space, with JUST enough personality to function. All of her personality traits are chosen to avoid preventing the reader from inserting themselves into the space she holds in the story.

She's a bit of a klutz, but JUST enough to make her endearing, not enough to prevent her from actually doing anything the story needs her to do. She's a little bit awkward. JUST enough to be relatable but not enough to actually hinder her. And so on.

And essentially, we have to write the player character in an MMO/RPG the same way.

Specifically in GW2, in the Living World, we can write the Commander with a bit of wry exasperation, a hint of impatience, a touch of "okay, I'm done fooling around with this crap and I'm going to take charge," but most of their lines have to be pretty devoid of personality.

Because if we give them too much personality, it might clash with how the player is imagining Their Commander.

So, how do we tell a TV-like season of story with a protagonist who can't really have a personality?

The answer to that, and I dunno, maybe this is too much of how the sausage gets made but whaddaya want from me, any sense of shame I had burned out a long time ago: SLEIGHT OF HAND.

We SUGGEST that the Commander has a personality in how the other characters interact with and react to them. Even there, we have to be super-careful. We can't even have THEM directly characterize the Commander.

You'll rarely hear a character say anything about what the Commander always does or doesn't do, except when it's PURELY factual because it's something the game design FORCED the PC to do.

E.g. "the Commander always finds a way!" because literally if you don't we'll resurrect you until you do.

We have NPCs react to you with affection, or irritation, or leeriness, or whatever, to suggest that your character has regular habits and ways of interacting that build these relationships. But for the most part, they don't.

The PC is who you imagine them to be, and the NPCs react in ways that have to FEEL personal, and build a story, while not conflicting with whatever you're imagining your character's personality to be. We WANT you to project.

Which makes writing the NPCs' relationships with the PC basically like writing horoscopes. It has to feel specific and personal while actually being universal.


A) VERY delicate sketches of non-objectionable personality traits (like a hint of wryness or world-weariness)

B) NPCs that behave as if your character has a distinct personality while not doing so in ways that actually identify what it is

C) one-sided relationship-building

Voila. An MMO/RPG character.

Needless to say, a lot of the color comes from NPCs' relationships with EACH OTHER, even though we try to keep it centered on the PC as much as possible.

It is a constant, very fragile calibration. We don't always get it right.

Incidentally, if you've played Ep 3 of this season of GW2's Living World, you've seen this sort of writing taken to an extreme in Joko's final monologue.

Almost everything he says is about actions the game has forced you to take, not your own character traits, and he's clearly projecting when he talks about what you were thinking, but it's--hopefully!--constructed in a way that feels personal, like he's twisting the knife.


Really interesting thread to read! 👌 However, allow me to disagree slightly. I dont believe the issue lies in the MMORPG genre itself (as your wording seemingly suggest). I believe the issue lies in the contraints of the Living Story's narrative design; (1 of 3)

When you want the outcome to be the same across the board for all players' experiences, then yes, by design you are extremely limited in how you can contruct the personality of the PC. (2 of 3)

But, if instead players were given the option to meaningfully express their character through branching dialogue options (which also aren't just on the checklist for an achievement that forces you through all dialogue options), (3 of 4 cause I count seemingly...)

then perhaps players would be more invested in the roleplaying aspect of that particular MMORPG. Nonetheless, I appreciate the insightful thread! (End)

Jessica Price:

thanks for trying to tell me what we do internally, my dude 9_9


You getting mad at my obvious attempt at creating dialogue and discussion with you, instead of just replying that I am wrong or otherwise correct me in my false assumptions, is really just disheartening for me. You do you though. I'm sorry if it offended. I'll leave you to it.

This is the context for the linked tweet:

Jessica Price:

Today in being a female game dev:

"Allow me--a person who does not work with you--explain to you how you do your job."


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Deroir is right, give options that do something. Honestly I mostly disregarded the dialague in Guildwars 2 when I played, unless picking a reward the choices were meaningless just give me number 1 as I can't rely on there being 2 or 3 or 4 always so 1 was always a valid pick. Even with a reward most of the time it didn't matter items from quests are almost never best in slot so meh short term buffs who cares, world factions don't matter as the dev will only let it swing so far one way anyhow. Explain why any of those should matter to me the player? The rewards that matter are the only option like skill points or stat boosts but those are there for everyone or it would destroy balance. If you want players to be invested in the conversation you don't focus on the player character focus on the NPC give them a real personality make them interesting, that said we are going to go all over the world and you are going to need more then 5 quest chain giver in one city to make us take note of the person 50 hours in we have seen lots and lots and lots of NPCs we have done tons of quests the NPC needs to bring more then an exclamation mark to the table for us to care, and no tagging along as an escort mission does not endear them to us we start thinking special ways that the person could die no one I have ever talked to likes escort missions.Most of the time we get an NP not an NPC they leave out any character and that is why we the player don't care about the interactions, well that and that our input doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

To Price's ABC. A this is why we don't care you want every character to be non-objectionable so they all end up being interchangeable. B maybe if your NPC wasn't a goldfish that forgets what I answered last time or how I interacted with the last city that wanted me to save it you could figure out a personality but you just assume I am either joe blow with no rep or hero extraordinaire but with no method to how I get there, again my prior choices and actions have no meaning so why should I care about them, save the required 3 guards or save all 10 same text same reward so fuck the other 7. C again don't be a goldfish that forgets what I just said or did and we could build a relationship, but that might mean things we do matter and you can't have that.

You want to have things focus on the PC, why? I get that we the player are the center of our own world but how can you even think you are creating a world we will feel about when you try to make a population that outnumbers the NPCs each be the center of the NPCs world. The NPC is the leader of a city, why should they give a shit about mercenary 245,687 killing 10 critters deny the fucker access to your office and if they come in anyhow have the guards kill them or ban them from the city. The player isn't that important there are literally thousands of others available that could replace them instantly. build a world and a story we can interact with when we do something of import remember that we did it and let the fame spread but when we do menial work treat us as menial labor. Do we want to be ignored completely no, but don't declare us the hero that saved the town from an army and destroyed all the siege towers ourselves and then the next merchant greets us with the same stock statement as when we first showed up after killing 10 bears don't claim to be focusing on what we have done either.


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If you don't like the fans of your work that is distributed to thousands online, stay the fuck away from fans. Get of any social meida that is open to the public and lock down your settings, you don't have to like us or interact with us you are after all just a dialogue writer your tie of where you work is the only reason people care about you. As parents say "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all" or if you want a specific quote buss driver from south park "sit down and shut up".

That said why use twitter if you have to break it into 29 parts? At best type the fucking thing up and make an image of it then link that from twitter that seems to be how the want it to work. If they wanted you to type they would let you put down real thoughts instead of 6 words and a picture link about your lunch.

She was fired by a co-founder personally, that says how bad she fucked up that they took time out to fire her when they could have gotten the same result with an email and only lost 5 minutes of their time. To Fries Yes she did ask for his feedback if she didn't want it she wouldn't have posted the information to a public forum like Twitter the post itself is asking for feedback at best; alternatively her even posting and admitting where she worked is attention/fame seeking behavior. This can not be her private account and deserve respect based on her job, you can't be separate from work and get credit for the same work.


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Here read this. https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2018/06/left-wing-media-cabal-outed-features-400-members-from-journalism-academia/62486/ LEFT-WING MEDIA CABAL OUTED, FEATURES 400 MEMBERS FROM JOURNALISM, ACADEMIA


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Good job, if you can't be civil find another place to work. How about a bartender.