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I just wanna know why more black women arent fighting for the reich.

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(Gonna try this again.)

Forthcoming expansion packs:

Battlefield V: The Mascara Chronicles
Battlefield V: The Knitting Circle Campaigns
Battlefield V: Fucking Needy
Battlefield V: The Jealousy Brigade

Forthcoming DLC:

Battlefield V: Eternal Unaccountability
Battlefield V: Eternal Unaccountability II: It's your fault if I'm wrong.
Battlefield V: Bathroom Infiltrator (*)
Battlefield V: Did we sleep together? (**)

(*) Includes leg razor

(**) Includes toy cell phone


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Only "LGBT"? What happened to the other diverse, ever-expanding list of letters? Are you some kind of cis scum?

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I know man wheres the dragonkin that was denied his medal of honour?

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A camouflaged pussy hat with a dice logo.

No no cammo. Bright pink because camouflage is toxic and indicative of patriarchal supremacy. If all soldier wore pink pussy hats they would totally just jump rope and play that game with the elastic bands instead of kill each other.

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I occasionally watch PUBG players switch to BF5. Politics aside it looked like the same old frantic game. Nothing new, just run and gun. There were glitches in it, but I'm sure they'll fix them.

Sadly their political bullshit controversy will be the best part of their PR campaign. Assholes will buy it, and it will drop off like every other console shooter.

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Played the BFV Alpha last weekend. I will give it another chance in the Beta. It looks and plays like Battlefield mostly and you don't notice any of the other players until they thank you for healing or ammo. Then suddenly this cheery female voice pops up with the "Cheers for that" line that was a Scottish man in BF1. Little shit like that was annoying. I hope that they allow people to pick their sex and all by Beta instead of just assigning them. WTF reason do you have to go anti-History if you are going to force it like it was reality? May be the first Battlefield game I don't buy if they keep forcing the sex/race.

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Just wait for World War 3, so far it looks more like Battlefield than Battlefield itself

[–] Longstride77 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

I plan on buying insurgency sandstorm. They of course had to shoe horn a female soldier in. Same scenario almost all around. Its annoying. I hope im not forced to play as her.

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I wish they'd go back to Bad Company 2 style of combat. Like the Oasis map, so much fun. Or Laguna Alta.

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An LGBT SA skin would be much more realistic than an LGBT SS one.

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Are you referring to the based tranny that was beating up that communist in Portland?

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Over the top shit like this will probably be very popular

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If you were looking for all the ways to offend me in one picture, congrats, you did it.

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