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Thanks for clarifying that this is satire, I was about to preorder.

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Sign me up for the season pass

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Is there Ban Margarine DLC?

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Dudes still got the skill it's actually quite impressive.

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He's still a very good skater, I doubt he worries too much about his mainstream popularity, he's made enough money to be able to live comfortably. He will always be a legend amongst skateboarders, I ride BMX and I have a lot of respect for him.

Anyone who can survive a decades long extreme sports career and still be able to throw down in his twilight years, is impressive to me.

50 years - 50 tricks

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Mad respect for the dude

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Dude fucking wrecks it at his age. We should all hope to be this good at what we do for so long.

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Is the soundtrack good? It’s all about the soundtrack!

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Do ya like Primus?! No? C'mon just give it a listen!

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Gonna have to dig up my PS2 (or 1.0 PS3) to play it.

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Get PC version, there are probably HD/content mods for it.

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LOL it's time for Vegas shows!