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Damn that's woke af.

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I can't tell if the ants are woke or not but I'm jealous that they can read this tiny font.

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The medium had to be faggotized in order to destroy free thinking.

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Funny thing is that the writers for Mankind Divided got heavily shit on by the perpetually offended for re-using the "Black Live Matters" and "Apartheid" terms in the game's narrative, because how dare they downplay the ultimate evil of anti-Black racism by suggesting someone other than blacks could face such abuse.

The joke gets even better when you consider one of the two writers who came up with the idea is black himself.

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But that just makes him a self-hating Jew, I mean Uncle Tom. Damn, it is hard remembering the right racial epithet.

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Spot on. I liked Deus Ex Human Rev & Mankind Divided, i've played both at least twice. The later games come really close to reality. Augs are like a reference to racism in MD. I'm Australian and ik the original game 'predicted' 9/11 (they cut out the twin towers cause it took up too much memory apparently). They made a reference in MD that Australia will have a civil war and be divided from west to east. Some (woke) Aussies say we should ditch the east (too far gone into PC) and just reclaim the west. MD said the war in Aus starts because one state wants to sellout to China, around 2025. Strangely close prediction & entirely possible. Even if the games are shit, I recommend them because they make eerie predictions to real life a lot. Another one was bees going extict (no more honey), i've seen some scientists irl suggest this also, but idk if that was known before the game referenced it.

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Those predictions, my god... here on the gold coast we've already got a chinese company with exclusive foreshore access with their "bicycle" system which harvests the shit out of users data (check out the permissions usage of the app called "Mobike" on google play). And they've already had their Surfer's Paradise chinese speaking only event that honestly felt like a takeover victory celebration.

2025? I'll believe it.

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Deus Ex: HR & MD both had lots of bikes throughout, which was kinda random for the games setting. In MD, your own boss was Australian too, being puppeteered by 'illuminati'. The game also makes reference to 5 eyes.

This whole bike theme in Australia is the sketchist shit out. Those app permissions are insane, voice recording, access to photos ect. Down at the politicians hangout, there's none of that bike sharing stuff, way too small of a city for them to even make $. Edu's been taken over by China. National uni's overrun with them, almost fully. I deadset reckon schools here all been boughout by China, not many schools here, they could have easily paid for it. Class joked abt teach being on ice (looked like an addict) husband showed one day, was a rich Chinese buinessman with a flash car (rare to see here). Promoted to dept. of edu, same year, got out of school quick. Teach's here always had an agenda to thought police right wing ideals. Conspiracy themed topic (everyone had to do it), failed mine for suggesting JFK was assassinated by the FBI. Bad grades = No uni. HS voluntary 'alt' program, ended up failing everyone in it and with no foreigner 'casualties' (Hand picked applicants by Teach). Expanded the program to more schools even tho it was a massive fail and talks abt expanding to other states. There's no African gangs here, instead i've seen myself Chinese gangs having knife fights. Druggie I knew said there's Chinese mafia that own the drug supply. If knife fights are turf wars, must be China pushing ice on Australians causing an epidemic. We call ourselves a Capital and we're a fkn city of sheep. Won't hear much truth or real news from C, insanely small city & everyone knows each other with just a person inbetween. Ppl probably too scared to even think. Fun fact: ABC Radio in C is on 666fm. Fuck China for trying to takeover straya.

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what game was this? i didn't play it

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Original Deus Ex vs the shitty Deus ex reboot.

They turned complex political and philosophical themes into "lol peeps be raycis again us Cyborg kangz"

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is there more than one version of deus ex?

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The original deus ex. Sooooo good.

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Almost all the sequels suck ass. Human revolution did ok. But it was essentially jist a reboot of the first.

Mankind divided was so awful i couldnt finish it. I felt gypped.

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What year was that release ? Was it on PC ?

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Deus ex the original was a genuinely good game for a host of reasons

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For those wondering about the game for four more hours you can buy it really cheap on steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/6910/Deus_Ex_Game_of_the_Year_Edition/

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That first panel claims 50% of the population in 1900 and currently about 2%. The 50% were almost entirely farmers plowing with mules. It also whines about corporations paying less tax, as if the owners (shareholders) weren't taxed again on top of that. Sounds like stupid liberals wrote that too.

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