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What shits me to tears is the fact that not being a freeloader and only ever having been on unemployment benefits when im months in and desperate (maybe 9 months out of 18 years) what ends up happening is that centerlink goes and invents debts in my name and chases me, because i actually have an income, as well as hundreds of thousands of other proud hard working people that sometimes need help, and we get fucked over to cover...

The fucking freeloaders that sit on their arses smoke ice justify shoplifting to feed the kids and goddamn staffy and never ever ever work and therefore cant be hit with bills.

Never talk to me about 'indians taking jobs' - theyre taking jobs that dole bludgers wont. White guys that do do the shit jobs get hired instantly.... but get paid the same as the indians are happy to get paid. Freeloaders drive down my pay rate and get me jumped by the government. On top of that ill never be an actual father but i sure as shit pay for a lot of kids.