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Today - Battlefield has wahmen.

Next time - Battlefield has no straight white men.


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Odd thought what army doesn't have any straight white men in it, and has practices for punishment that the SJWs would find acceptable?

Train a group for combat and then keeping them inline is a balancing act to well trained and you can't stop them so you need to start making examples of people that step out of line. And these are people trained and conditioned to end lives just locking them up for a while makes them enemies, kicking them out makes them unemployed with their skill set being violence and the mentality to use it. You need a different scale for what punishment fits what crime for this group.


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Historical revisionist.

Like you know, the ancient egyptian kangz "were" niggers thingy, where many still buys the "we wuz kangz" idea.

In 2000 years in the future, it won't be surprising if the "progressives" in that era believes that George Washington is a non-binary nigerian. If the globalist win the culture war, they can change history to whatever they want. Like British soldiers being wahmen.