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Yeah... I just don't buy those games. It's not hard when there are tens of thousands to choose from.


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Go with indie games. Insurgency is a great FPS and they have a sequel coming out soon.


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With Game Development tools so readily available we're seeing a huge improvement in quality (and quantity) of indie games. So far, AAA studios haven't been able to set themselves apart (like big-budget movie studios have been trying to do since editing tools became widely available). Definitely give indie games a shot, but it's a buyer-beware world; if you're going to buy one, make sure there are a lot of positive reviews or that it's cheap enough to take the risk of the game sucking ass.

Personally, I love both platform fighters and puzzle games. For platform fighters, Rivals of Aether at the top of my list. It takes all the good parts of Smash Bros and removes all the bullshit. For puzzle games, Opus Magnum and Poly Bridge have been scratching that itch for a good while, with no signs of stopping. If you're into either of these genres, these are good games to start with.


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Can't wait for Insurgency: Sandstorm!!!


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Indie games aren't safe from the gay either. Plus indie games are usually shit because of lack of money or talent. There are a few good ones hiding among the shit though.


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I tried out Insurgency and wasn't a fan of it. The movement and controls felt off. I mostly just play Rust and 7 Days To Die these days.

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don't give them ideas the simulator market is full of crap anyhow I'm sure that what you are suggesting wouldn't be that hard probably even have a VR port and a version for the Wii as well forcing motion control use.


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If you really want to play em just pirate, but never give a cent to any "cultural marxist" if you can do so. Even if you like the game, just sabotage it and give it negative review everywhere.

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