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Yeah... I just don't buy those games. It's not hard when there are tens of thousands to choose from.

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Go with indie games. Insurgency is a great FPS and they have a sequel coming out soon.

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With Game Development tools so readily available we're seeing a huge improvement in quality (and quantity) of indie games. So far, AAA studios haven't been able to set themselves apart (like big-budget movie studios have been trying to do since editing tools became widely available). Definitely give indie games a shot, but it's a buyer-beware world; if you're going to buy one, make sure there are a lot of positive reviews or that it's cheap enough to take the risk of the game sucking ass.

Personally, I love both platform fighters and puzzle games. For platform fighters, Rivals of Aether at the top of my list. It takes all the good parts of Smash Bros and removes all the bullshit. For puzzle games, Opus Magnum and Poly Bridge have been scratching that itch for a good while, with no signs of stopping. If you're into either of these genres, these are good games to start with.

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Can't wait for Insurgency: Sandstorm!!!

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Indie games aren't safe from the gay either. Plus indie games are usually shit because of lack of money or talent. There are a few good ones hiding among the shit though.

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I tried out Insurgency and wasn't a fan of it. The movement and controls felt off. I mostly just play Rust and 7 Days To Die these days.

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don't give them ideas the simulator market is full of crap anyhow I'm sure that what you are suggesting wouldn't be that hard probably even have a VR port and a version for the Wii as well forcing motion control use.

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If you really want to play em just pirate, but never give a cent to any "cultural marxist" if you can do so. Even if you like the game, just sabotage it and give it negative review everywhere.

The best libtard is a starving libtard. Progressives deserve no rights but death and agony.

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Sure, except the people who fund games are going to swiftly learn what Disney did; whiny, genital-obsessed brats don't buy shit.

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For one thing, they don't have money. They usually don't work, and when they do, it's a low paying bullshit job. And then they waste all their money trying to further their "cause". And many times it is feminist women who don't enjoy video games even if they cater to their exact specificiation. I don't get why anyone would cater to a group that won't give you any money.

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Nah, they spend their money to further their own attenton whoring, else they wouldn't be in this "cause" in the first place.

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Have they? I'll believe it when I see it.

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Disney owns Marvel Comics. Marvel is barely able to crack 20k units with their most popular title, yet DC, who are way less SJW infected regularly push over 100k units with their most popular books. Comic shop owners are starting to not stock most Marvel titles because the books are piling up in their shops.

So we have two scenarios; either SJWs aren't the cultural force they like to pretend they are, or SJWs don't buy comics. I go with the latter because we've seen this in video games, where you have an indie game dripping with SocJus that is hyped to hell and back bomb, and hell, Anita Sarkeesian promoted this one indie game where the main character was female (game looked like fun too), and it only sold one extra copy due to her hyping it.

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Here's some more of the artist's recent work:



White males, amirite?

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I love how even in their cartoon fantasy they still look like lifes unfuckable rejects.

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I think this is just satire on actual SJWs.

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The 404 one was actually pretty funny, but only because I was laughing at her.

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The memes write themselves.

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I'd love the women's health statistics. AFAIK, birth control and abortion have a casual link to deficit spending, crime, divorce, and mass immigration. All that for a 60% bump in GDP when women enter the workforce. Yay, we proved women are 2/3rds as productive as men, math straight out of the Quran.

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Ugh. Civil war, please.

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Or serial killers galore. Whichever.

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I don't care if there are potential gay love interests. I'm happy they're appealing to a broader audience. But there's a line a few games have crossed. I won't be buying those games. As for the OP, obviously it's a straw man.

And I'm not alone. In the end there isn't enough propaganda money to prop up a triple A studio. All it will take is two triple A's to go down in flames and the others will resume making games for gamers. So some time in 2020.

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Wolfenstein II went down in flames. That game was the most absurd and outlandish SJW power fantasy too - one scene alone can describe how far off the deep end it went; imagine a naked, 8 mos pregnant woman with a heavy fire .50 cal machine gun slaughtering Nazis and fighting some machine while bathing in the blood of those she killed and howling like a mad woman.

Jesus fucking Christ, the people who wrote the script for that game are mentally ill. My favorite part was old man Adolf, completely disrobed in from of other men and pissing into a chamber pot... he had an enlarged prostate and difficulty pissing.

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If the jews treat Hitler this badly then the real one must have been something great to earn not being forgotten but continual hate.

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This is the creative director of Wolfenstein II.

Nothing more need be said.

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Jewish game. Of course it would be stupid fantasy shit about like Inglorious Basterds. Modders must make REVERSE WOLFENSTEIN where we fight as white Nazi's saving the world from jewish SJW filth

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I assumed he meant studios not games but could be wrong.

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I don't care if there are potential gay love interests. I'm happy they're appealing to a broader audience.

Games don't need to be pozzed to make better sales.

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Thanks industry!

Few years ago I didnt know how I'd ever get to my gaming backlog. Few more years of social justice circle jerks I'll be caught up! Maybe even have gotten past the tavern in witcher 3.

And then retro gaming and replays!

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There's a couple different endings to Chrono Trigger I haven't seen. Maybe I'll check those out.

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This is why Chrono Trigger never leaves my SNES .... someday I know I'll sit down and play it ... someday.

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Yep, that's where I am right now. I've got a backlog of games stretching back to the 90s I've got to play.

The last modern game I bought was DOS2 and I think that's probably the last one I'm gonna buy for the foreseeable future.

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Yeah that was my thought; I’d need another lifetime to work through the back catalog of games I’ve missed, including time sponges like Skyrim.

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Keep pissing off the people with money to buy the games. That's a great idea

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I’ve seen her work before. She really isn’t very funny.

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Found your problem

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