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From another post I saw on this:

I'll skip the story and focus on the conflict points.

#GamerGate has evolved to voice outrage on several things:

  • Corruption in gaming journalism and competitions, and the resulting demand for disclosure and ethics reform.
  • * A game developer sleeping with a journalist who then gave her game very favorable reviews (when the gaming community thought the game was not very good). She also got a gaming fundraiser shut down just before starting her own gaming fundraiser.
    • A PR agent sleeping with the head judge of a game festival and her clients' games winning.
  • Outrage spreads to Twitter, among other online forums.

    • The two women above, as well as others related to the industry jump into the heated discussion online. A few receive death threats. All sides condemn harassment and threats.
  • Gaming journalists publish articles declaring "gamers are dead" and paint them as cis white male misogynists who hate women in their previously-male-dominated industry. The allegations of corruption are not addressed.

  • Gamers outraged at the "anti-gamer" sites who ran the articles stereotyping and shaming their own fan base.

  • * Gamers note that 10+ sites all ran similar talking-points on the same day, and suspect an industry-wide issue. They dig deeper into the web of industry relationships and uncover more conflicts of interest, but also a suspicion that radical, anti-male feminists (often referred to pejoratively as "social justice warriors" or SJWs) are driving the narrative in the press.
    • Gamers are upset that SJWs are deflecting the issue of corruption and turning it into one of misogyny and harassment of females in the industry. Articles that emerge in the BBC and Guardian do not mention the original issue of corruption, but focus on the death threats.
  • The female author of the Guardian article is shown to be financially supportive of the women she defends in her article. She is called out on it publicly.

  • * Gamers are convinced this is proof of the corruption.
    • SJWs are convinced this is proof of the misogyny.
  • In response to SJWs accusing the #GamerGate movement as being driven by mostly cis white males, minority gamers who support the movement tweet with #NotYourShield to tell the SJWs they don't need anyone speaking for them.

There is a lot more to be said, but this should serve as a primer.

I will note that on the Internet, almost anything can be faked. Some gamers doubt the legitimacy of the death threats, and some SJWs doubt the existence of the #NotYourShield gamers, as anyone can post a message online, screencap it, and share it with their side as "evidence." Also note there is a 3rd party - trolls - who will fan the flames just because they can.


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Slight correction: the accusation is not that the journalist gave the game developer positive reviews, it's that they gave her game positive coverage. This is a common mistake people make when they relay the story, and relaying it incorrectly allows the opposition to shoot it down by pointing out that he never reviewed her game and claim we're full of shit. His site did, however, give it positive coverage that, gamergaters contend, such a "game" would never have otherwise received.