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This is a dumb person way to defend a shitty point. By your standard, anything man has ever done that wasn't directly related to productivity was a waste of time. And even then, your idea of productivity is wrong (which is defined as yielding results). What's the difference between spending a few hours enjoying a game and reading a book of fiction? I already know how to read, so there is no real value in a book of fiction. What's the value in sitting on my porch and having a cigar? Time to relax? Guess what video games are. Video games are just a way to unwind with the benefit of keeping your eye/hand coordination sharp. I spend a couple hours a week playing video games while talking with friends that have families and live in other parts of the US. I don't get to see them much, but I get to interact with them weekly while playing some games. What's the difference of men sitting in a tavern with a few beers and shooting the shit for hours? Spoiler: humans are not robots, we don't have to constantly be in a state of productivity. Also, I'm pretty sure you're trolling because you said starcraft.


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Thinkn what ever you want nigger, I aint reading your long ass comment.


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Your ignorance is profoundly astounding.

You profess to abhor video games with pseudo-intellectual commentary; however, you do not wish to be educated by properly elucidated counter-arguments.

You, sir, are the true nigger and I hope you get AIDS.


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You'ze guise never have any rebuttals worth while.